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'Ganapati' sing in 'comedy horror film' bhutiyapanti '!

'Ganapati' sing in 'comedy horror film' bhutiyapanti '!

After the success of 'woman' was released last year, is currently being produced in many horror comedy films in Hindi. If not in a Marathi comedy movies never osarata wave of horror comedy is citrapatancisuddha tradition. Jatakulitala coming down to the same audience with a thrilling and heavy film is named 'bhutiyapanti. Anyway, the film will be permitted the idea of ??the 'jonara.

Ganesha is the film and to accommodate your horror comedy 'ganapatibappala pretty producers of' bhutiyapanti 'by promising to justify a ganyadvare. This song has been recorded important voice of the famous singer Anand Shinde. 'Where did you find the Ray Morya, Morya Re where you see that the lyrics of the song lyrics are Swapnil Chaphekar' love 'and acting Jagatap has composed music for him. 'Morya Morya rang the rhythm, voice direction dahi' Ganapati Bappa said the songwriter within words, how dear god now, it has been underlined and enjoy minister's voice was even this song is coolest. And choreographer Santosh ambre padalalityane the roof to look khuluna screen.

Anand Shinde is important, first sang the song "Ganpati Marathi film. Musician Acting Jagtap last year and displayed the music director of 'Zur spree. And they kotikotici flights film 'takataka' background and captured the place in the list of Marathi films that grossed more than most this year. Anand Shinde 'takataka had for playback, and the acting, and the pair have been together again jagatapanci' bhutiyapanti 'on the occasion of the film.

Three Star Entertainment and humor Barada Barada production of the banner of the creators of humor and sahanirmate Naresh Chauhan and are created Yashwant dal 'bhutiyapanti. Director Prepare and store non-Yadav directed the film, is made by the screenplay, dialogue and songwriting Vinay yerapale.


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