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First-person story of Krshna by Anand Kadakol

First-person story of Krshna by Anand Kadakol

Bengaluru, India - Sept. 24, 2019 -- The magnificent tale of Lord K??h?a has been narrated to us for many years and is an integral part of Indian history. But what about the human life of K??h?a? Notion Press, India's leading self-publishing platform presents to you iK??h?a, a tale that explores the dark, dangerous and human side of K??h?a's story from his perspective.

The Lordly Incarnation had to not only experience all the malice and the chicanery that existed in those times but also the burden of dealing with all the distrustful characters of his time, work with them and try and bring them to a common ground, some with success, some with failure; but the most important point here is that he had to endure and live that life as a human being.

His destiny was to live a human life, and his life journey of was fraught with danger, treachery and brutal violence.

Thrown into chaos very early in life, he gradually lost his innocence and bravely faced the darkness of the world, stretching his human capabilities to the hilt. In one of the instances, the author narrates “I looked at the elephant, the elephant had raised its trunk and was struggling to get out of the mess it got itself into. The raised trunk gave me a golden opportunity. With the shining sharp sword in my hand I ran towards the elephant; with sword in both hands and hands high over my head I took a jump from the end of the ramp; while being airborne, took a hard swipe with the sword. . .”    

This is a story that delves into the human life of K??h?a, chronicling every twist and turn in K??h?a's own words. This first-person story is intriguing and compels one to read through the book. Book running into over 500 pages and in a very readable format unlike a typical book almost in an A4 format is a read which one will cherish for a lifetime.

An intriguing, immersive and beautifully detailed story could be in your hands; just grab your copy of this book/eBook on and other leading e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Google Play, iBooks and leading bookstores.

About the author:

Anand Kadakol worked in the corporate world for 25 years. Most of those years he spent in the financial services business specializing in payments services and helped build world-class products for a few organizations. A few years ago, he plunged into the diverse field of organic farming. He had been developing an organic farm for eight years, and after the farm started to yield choice mangoes, he left the corporate world and delved into the world of delicious, healthy, organic Alphonsos.

In parallel, a seed of an idea germinated. It took him three years to do research and nowhere is the result of that seed: It grew to form a book on K??h?a's life. Anand's passion in life is saving trees and ecology. Writing is something he wanted to do all the time. It started when he was in college. But in pursuit of the rat race, it took the back seat. But now, sitting amidst the clean green where ideas germinate faster than elsewhere, this book was shaped from a beautiful idea.


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