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Expect the unexpected with Sony SAB’s Baalveer Returns!

Expect the unexpected with Sony SAB’s Baalveer Returns!

The highly-revered fantasy show, Baalveer, of Sony SAB will soon be making a grand comeback as Baalveer Returns with a larger than life and visually appealing story line that will be brought to life by a phenomenal star cast, including the household name, Dev Joshi, who has created a special place in the viewer’s hearts and continues to be cherished for his role as young Baalveer previously.

Here’s a sneak peek for the viewers on what to expect from the highly-anticipated show, Baalveer Returns:

1.     Cutting edge visual effects

Kaal Lok in Sony SAB's Baalveer Returns

Veer Lok in Sony SAB's Baalveer Returns

 BALlveer Returns will bring the mystical Kal Lok, the wicked world and Veer Lok, Baalveer’s sweet abode, to life with phenomenal graphics and spellbinding visual effects. But what is really fascinating to note is that each shot requires several layers of visual effects to arrive at the desired output and the work was designated to almost 150 technicians daily to get the deliverables right on time. Just the visual of the lion Shaurya’s mane furling took around 4 days to complete.

2.    Grandeur personified

 The show is making a comeback with a majestic concept, feel and look. The sets of the show has been built keeping in mind the striking futuristic concept and the details have been ingrained in every element of the show. To give a realistic feel to the show, only the props used to build the set of Kaal Lok takes around 2 hours for 15-20 workers to setup one location as each piece of prop such as the enormous pillars and even the candle holders that gives this evil world its depth, weigh almost around 200-300 Kgs.

3.    Exciting new faces and characters

Shaurya from Sony SAB's Baalveer ReturnsAkroor on Sony SAB's Baalveer
the show has roped in some phenomenal new faces who will grace the show with their talent including the stunning Pavitra Punia, who will be seen in an edgy and evil look, as Timnasa, the power-hungry dictator of Kaal Lok. Making a comeback as Baal Pari is Sharmilee Raj, who will continue to mesmerize the viewers with her grace. Essaying the role of the treacherous Bhaymaar from Kal Lok, will be Aditya Ranvijay. The star cast is all set to dazzle your TV screens with a gripping storyline which will make you fall in love with them.Baalveer Returns also adds two really special and unique characters to the story. The viewers will be introduced to two magnificent magical characters namely Shaurya, the lion guiding Baalveer and Akroor, the evil Black Panther.

4.    Iconic looks

Every character’s look has been curated with utmost care and detail. Timnasa’s (played by Pavitra Punia) make-up alone takes more than 2 hours to accomplish. Adding to her character, Pavitra Punia also got diamonds studded in her teeth only to bring more depth to her character. While the women artists take up to 2 hours to get their respective looks right, you’d be surprised to know that to only fix a male artist’s hair it takes around an hour. The time and effort invested in each character is the ultimate sign of finesse and perfection.

Baalveer Returns will witness Dev Joshi’s homecoming as the superhero Baalveer where he would take the viewers along with him on the thrilling quests and adventures while fighting for victory of good over evil and fulfilling his ultimate mission of finding a successor.

If you haven’t seen the promos yet, don’t miss out anymore

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Watch your favorite superhero make a comeback on 10th September 2019 every Monday – Friday at 8pm only on Sony SAB


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