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Dr Samanta’s efforts in education brings out tribals from the clutches of poverty, and Naxalism

Dr Samanta’s efforts in education brings out tribals from the clutches of poverty, and Naxalism

With Sony Entertainment Television’s epic show Kaun Banega Crorepati 11 reaching out to millions of people, its Friday special Karamveer episodes continue to inspire the viewers with its heart-warming and selfless stories.

This week, Karamveer Dr Achyuta Samanta from Kalarabanka, Odisha, will be gracing the hot seat, who, inspired by his own sufferings, founded the Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS), which provides free accommodation, food, healthcare and education to the tribal children of Odisha, all the way from kindergarten to post-graduation. He is also the founder of Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT)& Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences (KIIMS). Joining the social worker as a Champion on the Hot Seat is acclaimed actress Taapsee Pannu.

Dr Samanta’s father passed away when the social worker was just four years old. As his salary was not enough, he had taken large loans to support his family. After his sudden death, the family had to run away to the remote village of Kalarabanka toevade money lenders. To help his family get out of abject poverty, Samanta started doing menial jobs like collecting and selling dried leaves and washing utensils at other people’s houses and even giving private tuitions. Even in these circumstances, none of the siblings compromised on their education.

Dr. samanta said, “ I am glad to be a part of KBC. In fact, this is the second time that i’ve met Mr. Bachchan on the show. Every time is a different experience and I will never forget this moment being a karamveer on the show. Mr. Bachchan was surprised with the good work we have been doing educating more than thirty thousand adivasi children as it is one of the most important things for an individual to grow.“

Taapsee Pannu said, “I went to Odisha only once, and that too in his institute for a panel discussion. That time, I had come to know about his body of work and was highly impressed. Coincidentally, I am again sitting with him here on KBC. I believe education is the solution of all problems and Dr Samanta is doing a stellar job in this field. I am honoured to be sitting beside him today in this Karamveer special episode.”

Kalarabanka is in a remote part of Odisha -- one of the poorest states in India with a tribal population of nearly 24%. The Naxalites recruit from the poor tribal youth luring them with a better life, money & way out of poverty. Due to a lack education and development, many tribal youth fall into this trap. Due to the efforts of Dr Samanta, many tribal people who might have joined forces with Naxals and taken up arms, have been educated and provided an alternative life altogether. Over 20,000 of tribal children have passed out of KISS and are currently working in the corporate and administrative space, including the Odisha Civil, police, forest & medical services.

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