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Did Shehnaaz dropped out of college in 3rd year?

Bigg Boss house has so far revealed many different shades and backstories of the contestants and the viewers just can’t stop asking for more. Shehnaaz, the crowned entertainer of the house is also one of those contestants who was initially not a public figure but has surely earned a loyal fanbase. In the recent clip of Unseen Undekha on VOOT, Shehnaaz reveals some unknown facts about her life. 

When Vishal asks her who is she more close to, Dad or Mom, Shehnaaz without a thought responds “Ye puch main kisko maanti hun” and adds “Mummy ko, kyuki woh meri jaan hain.” Vishal further questions “Aise hi puch raha hun, tere ghar pe sab thik hai na? to which Shehnaaz answers “Pehle nahi tha ab sahi hai. Ab main jaungi na, sabse pehle ghar hi jaungi. Pehle main hi naraaz ho gayi thi aur khud hi chali gayi thi naraazgi ke baad.” Later in the conversation, Shehnaaz reveals that she did not even complete her college. “3rd year complete hi nahi kiya maine. Industry main aa gayi.” 

Here, Vishal tries to explain Shehnaaz that she should have completed here education first to which Shehnaaz responds “It’s not important for me. Industry zyada important ho gayi thi. Kaam karne lag padi paise kamane lag padi aur mujhe kya chahiye.”
Not just this, the conversation leads to Vishal mentioning that her song is a big hit with 10 million views and how Salman Sir acknowledged this on the show. The new buddies continue to talk about more interesting stuff as Shehnaaz asks Vishal what he has to say about her looks.    

Well, all we can say after listening to Shehnaaz is that she is very passionate about her work and it will be interesting to see how her career takes off from here. Watch the full video only on VOOT’s Unseen Undekha and catch the exclusive conversation!


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