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Did Rashami say ‘I Love You’ to Arhaan after his eviction?

Did Rashami say ‘I Love You’ to Arhaan after his eviction?

Weekend Ka Waar witnessed a shocker with the eviction of actor Arhaan Khan, who got an emotional farewell, especially by his close friend Rashami Desai. In the recent episode of VOOT Night LIVE with host RJ Anmol, Arhaan shared his experience of being inside the Bigg Boss house. When questioned about his eviction, he responded “Mujhe bahar aane ke baad pata pada ki ye jo humari Hindustan ki janta hai ye mujhse kitini mohabbat karti hai. Jis tareeke ke maine comments aur tweets padhe, jis tarah road pe janta utar aai hai mere bahar aane ke baad. Toh mujhe ye ehsaas hua hai sach mein Hindustan ki janta mujhe bahut pyaar karti hai.”

RJ Anmol questioned Arhaan “Since you have mentioned about love, Jab tum ghar se nikal rahe the kuch log dukhi the kuch log theek thaak the lekin ek insaan jo zor zor se ro raha tha woh thi Rashami. Bahut kuch keh rahi thi, kya keh rahi thi humein woh bataiye? Expressing that he can’t quite recall what Rashami told him, Arhaan added “Wo bahut zyada udaas (sad) thi aur bahut zyada ro rahi thi.” To make things clear and easy for Arhaan, Khabri  Anmol reveals “I will tell you what she was saying, she was saying I love you. Tumne suna bhi nahi kyuki woh mahaul shayad esa hoga, I don’t know what but she said I love you and you didn’t answer.”

Responding to the big revelation which even the viewers would have missed out on, Arhaan said “Maine genuinely ye baat suni nahi thi but agar suni hoti toh main bilkul usi waqt iss baat ka jawab deta”. Anmol further questions “What if VOOT Night Live khatam hota and wee get you back in the Bigg Boss House?

Talking about the special equation that he shares with Rashami Desai, Arhaan responded “Dekhiye aaj tak jo maine bola hai woh maine kiya hai aur mujhe lagta hai ki ye meri aur Rashami Ji ki jo ye kahani hai ye dosti se thodi aage badh chuki hai. So jaise hi mujhe us ghar mein jaane ka firse mauka milta hai, main chahunga jo baat adhoori reh gayi thi uska main jawab dun.”

Reacting to Arhaan’s response, RJ Anmol asked what possible gestures would he make to confess his feelings for Rashami. Arhaan then expressed “Ho sakta hai ki main apne pocket main ek ring leke jaun aur propose kar du. Ho sakta hai ki main unhe mana kar du. Ho sakta hai ki main unhe lift karun aur apni mohabbat ka izhaar kar du, so the possibilities are many.”

Confirming that he’d really like respond to Rashami, Arhaan goes on to reveal if it all there was a backstory around the speculations about the two seeing each other. “Before entering the house we were genuinely friends, and all the news in the media that we are going to get married or we are in a relationship is not true at all.” He further added “But when we were both inside the house and the time that we spent there, somewhere that feeling struck that this is not just friendship. This is something more. ”Talking about a moment between him and Rashami which is closest to his heart, Arhaan confessed, “When I saw Rashami entering back in the house, I couldn’t make eye contact with her and was just strolling around. Rashami even mentioned that I am trying to avoid and ignore her, but the actuality is that I did not want to face her. I knew I would start crying the very same moment as I was missing her very badly.”

Tune-in to VOOT and watch the latest episode of Night Live to see how Arhaan would have proposed to Rashami and more insights.


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