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Devoleena wants to marry Arhaan if Rashami pays for the wedding

Devoleena wants to marry Arhaan if Rashami pays for the wedding

The Bigg Boss House is buzzing with entertainment as the contestants continue to bond with the new entrants. Finding newer ways to entertain themselves and also the viewers, the latest clip of Unseen Undekha on VOOT features Devoleena and Rashami play rapid fire along with other contestants of the house as an audience.

When asked about the most intelligent boy of the house, Rashami points at Arhaan since he is a longtime friend. The next categories were the funniest boy and the ‘Playboy’ in the house, to which Rashami answers, “Paras.” She admits that her really good friends in the house are, “Paras and Arhaan.”

Further, Devoleena asks Rashami if she sees any of the guys in the house as someone she can spend her life with, to which Rashami says, “Us Hisaab se dekha nai maine.” Paras from the audience asks Devoleena if she has seen someone with a quality like that, Devoleena blushes and answers, “Mujhe toh dikh rahi hai. Mera focus bohot clear hai. Confession nai hai.”

Shehnaaz speaks up and asks, “Madam agar in dono ka acha banta hai, Devoleena and Arhaan ka, toh kya yeh Shaadi karenge?” Devoleena instantly laughs and blushes profusely and eventually says, “Agar saara kharcha yeh (Rashami) uthayegi toh mai karungi.” The contestants plan a Bigg Boss house wedding as Shehnaaz says, “Humare pass chunniya padi hai. Paise nai chahiye, kuch nai chahiye, bas hum hi bohot hai.” Devoleena objects, “Nai agar mai karungi toh dhoom dhaam se karungi,” while Khesari Lal Yadav says, “Agar sindoor ki baat hai toh Bhau laaya hai,” and Mahira suggests that they can use her necklace as a Mangal Sutra.

Everything is fun and games in the Bigg Boss House with the wedding planning and the rapid fires. Let’s see if this holds up in the long run. Will they eventually get married after the end of Bigg Boss? Watch Unseen Undekha on VOOT for more details on what Arhaan had to say to all this.


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