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Big Boss fame Arshi Khan has been due to join not to tell Congress Praising Modi

Big Boss fame Arshi Khan has been due to join not to tell Congress
Praising Modi
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To rule the hearts of your dues and take repartee India
By Big Boss fame Arshi Khan already
has finally revealed that
He was doing away with the Congress. Arshi this point
Revealed Sandeep Kumar's upcoming film 'mercy on a set of heart murderer'
During the shooting of special songs.
Arshi said in this regard that the fact they
Did not want to get into politics, because
they are an artist. And artist
Are required to stage shows in public, Tumke have to figure, bikini
Wear is required. This lifestyle may not be
right for a leader.
Because people say that dancing wear
Congress leader bikini.
So I have excused himself from joining politics.

Arshi Khan to come lotus dream by Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Laugh to the point that he was joking.
But quite happy with the actions of Modi
Am. Caters Awam like them in the country, so I'm stupid that their
Will evil. He made many important works in the national interest.
Delete Article 370 in Kashmir was a historic step that situation there
Change. However, Micah by artists to perform
in Pakistan
After being banned Big Boss winner and Arshi friend Shilpa Shinde
The statement said the right as an artist, but also said that
India - the situation between Pakistan, that they performed
Pakistan never will not.

Let me tell you that Arshi Khan Silver Sunday 9 Movies presents
Film 'mercy shot a special song for the heart murderer' Future
Studio 17/18 is in Cama Industrial Estate, Goregaon, Mumbai,
Where they raised bang on the set of dance steps of choreographer Raju planks.
Film producer Mukesh Malhotra. Co-creator Akilesh Pandey,
Music Director Raja Ali and Pradeep Kumar, still photographer Ashok
Mehta and DOP Rajendra Sharma. PRO Sanjay Bhushan Patiala, while
Shahbaz Khan, Gurleen Chopra, Jubir Khan Arshi Khan, splendor
Mathur, Manoj Tiger, Satish Sharma, Varsha Sharma, Alexander butter and Asrani main
Role in.


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