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Asim shares funny stories from his teen years

Asim shares funny stories from his teen years

Asim had been seen as a very contained and peaceful character inside the Bigg Boss house from the very start. However, the first wave of evictions brought out a sudden range of emotions from him, especially aggression. Is there a reason behind the same that’s dating back to his teen and childhood years? Tune in to the recent clip of Unseen Undekha on VOOT, and watch Asim open up about his teenage stunts causing his family to become fed up of him!

He describes how his dad had a car with a “lal batti” that he used to sneak out in at 1 am every day for months and also encountered police enquiring where he was off to. He always answered, “Mai Hospital jaa raha hu.” Later, when his brother got a bike, he demanded one too since he was always insecure and he got one a few months later. He used to take this bike and leave at night. He explains, “Pehele bhai behen ke saath sone, uske baad maine apna kamra bhi change kar liya. Ek floor tha, do floor, guest house tha upper, guest room, sorry, guest room. Bada sa hall tha, maine usne start kar diya sona. Aur waha se me logo ke chhat se main road pe aa jata tha. Toh ek din unko shak tha, kya tha, they just checked and mai waha nai tha.”

He further says that post 10th he had just cleared in all the subjects with exact 33 marks (passing marks) in every subject which angered his father back in 2010. After experimenting in Mumbai for a while, his father offered to send Asim to Delhi for a course if he cleared an exam for the same. However, fate had other plans, Asim laughs as he recounts to Siddharth, “ Bro you’ll be laughing on this! I’m leaving for Delhi now with my dad. There is a train from Jammu to Delhi. I have a paper the next day. I go and the train is cancelled because kuch ho gaya hai Amritsar me and now I can’t give the exam tomorrow because saal me ek baar paper hota hai and now next year! I come back, my mom, sister and brother watching me, isko kyu wapis laya? And they are Sad!”

Sidharth prompts, “Ki uska saal waste ho gaya.” Asim clears, “Saal nai, they’re sad this guy is home! They are sad that we have to go through this shit again, for another year!” and both of them laugh.

This makes us reminisce all the rebellious activities from our teenage years and wish we could go back and do some more! Watch Asim narrate more teenage stories and how he got a scar while trying to do a ‘wheelie’ on Unseen Undekha exclusively on VOOT.


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