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Are Paras Chabbra and Mahira Sharma influencing Sana?

Are Paras Chabbra and Mahira Sharma influencing Sana?

The wild card entrants have definitely created a stir in Bigg Boss S13’s house. Housemates are seriously juggling between their past and present scenarios. The recent clip of Unseen Undekha on VOOT captures an interesting conversation about the Punjabi Kudi Shehnaaz Gill. In the conversation, Shefali looks really upset with Sana and says, “Nominate toh theek hai, par usne jis tarah se bola na, mujhe jab kahi woh baat.” She further imitates how Sana nominated her and says, “Mujhe na connection nahi baitha”. Shefali here also points out how Shehnaaz’s connection was not matching with her expression at all.

Aarti immediately replies, “Sorry boss, ab connection nahi banana hai.” She further goes on to reveal how she has warned Sana, “Tu apna charm kyun gava rahi hai. Inke aane se. Jo tu hai who reh na.” She tries to warn Shehnaaz  about her changed colors in the game and advices her to be herself. Shefali further expresses how hurt she is about Shehnaaz’s words to which Himanshi jumps in and consoles her, “Itna mat socho. Shayad woh khud confuse ho.”

Aarti smirks and tells Shefali, “Arey nahi woh confused nahi hai. Woh Paras and Mahira ne kiya hai, usko bhi wohi karna hai. Baby Sana flip karti hai. Aap uspar vishwas nahi kar sakte. She flips.” Now that’s a strong statement Aarti. In no time two good friends seem to have parted away. And what else do we know? Paras and Mahira are playing this game for Shehnaaz. Aarti futher reveals something shocking, “Agar Mahira chali gayi, Paras ka kya hoga” to which Shefali says, “Backup plan bana rahi hai woh. Sana backup plan hai.”

The housemates are definitely losing their calm after the recent nominations and the first finale twist, aren’t they? Watch all this and more drama exclusively on Bigg Boss S13’s Unseen Undekha on VOOT.


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