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Aditya Om takes a "Short" at Nepotism.

Aditya Om takes a "Short" at Nepotism.

Nepotism is a raging topic in Bollywood and politics today and subject of debate in public sphere. Actor-director Aditya Om has just added his bit to the raging fire by making a short film titled ‘ Blood is all you need’ on the controversial topic. The film’s posters have generated a lot of heat on social media.

Aditya Om says, “I have presented the short film like a discussion but involving thriller elements, I hope that people might understand how hard it is for outsiders to break in the film industry and sustain themselves and the invisible politics and caste system of the film industry.”

The film stars Yogesh Upadhyay, Monika Khabrani and Aditya himself.

Aditya Om’s last Hindi feature film ‘Maassab’ has won more than 25 awards at national and international film festivals and is gearing for theatrical and digital release.


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