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Aarti reveals details about her farmhouse in Shimla

Aarti reveals details about her farmhouse in Shimla

The celebrity express season of Bigg Boss has been successful in exposing the unknown sides of viewer’s favourite celebrities and spilling out inside details about their personal lives. In the recent clip Unseen Undekha on VOOT, Aarti Singh is seen in a candid conversation with Devoleena where she talks about her apple business in Shimla.

Devoleena starts the conversation saying “Shimla toh gayi hun, kaafi baar gayi hun” when Aarti asks “Holiday ke liye?”. Aarti mentions about her home in Shimla and says “Nahi toh holiday ke liye matlab aise hi chal padna kuch karne ko toh hai nahi matlab ghar hai.” Responding to Devoleena’s reaction, Aarti reveals “Han main Shimla se hun. Haan toh mera farmhouse hai wahan par, orchards hain. Apple ka business hai humara waha par. Teko pata hai Debo waha pe humara jo orchard hai apple ka business jo hai.” She goes on to narrate the beautiful landscape, “Mountain hai, uss mountain pe pahuchne mein 4-5 ghante lagte hain. Woh mountain agar oopar hai, I swear on Daddy, humara jo mountain hai uske oopar mountain khatam ho jaata hai.”

Devoleena questions Aarti if their mountain is at the top of all other mountains and Aarti describes how their morning looks like. A happy-faced Aarti expresses “Mountain khatam hai uske oopar aur jaise aap so ke uthoge na toh aapko saamne doosra mountain dikhai deta hai.”

Devoleena is in total awe after this revelation by Aarti. But Aarti is not done yet. She further reveals “Matlab, you will go mad. Shimla mein bahar ke log zameen nahi kharid sakte. Tu chahe bhi agar tere pass kitna bhi  paisa ho, tu zameen nahi kharid sakti. Himachali hona zaroori hai. Toh Dada ji death ke baad jo bhi de ke gaye the land, toh fir maine aur Krushna ne ab uspe farmhouse bana liya.” Here, she brings to light, another interesting fact and quips “And even if you will ever Google, ‘Shimla name given by whom?’ My Dada Ji kept the name. He was a scientist. Aur tujhe dikhai deti hai quality mujh mein?”

Well, we are sure you did not know about the exotic ‘Apple Orchard’ owned by the siblings. Watch the full video to find out what else Aarti has to say about her farmhouse full of apples, only on VOOT’s Unseen Undekha!


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