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Yasir Desai sound director Dinesh Sony's Hindi film "song" meet you record

Yasir Desai sound director Dinesh Sony's Hindi film "song" meet you record

Abbas Mustan film machine and Akshay Kumar film gold as he sang in several movies Singer Yasser Desai's Hindi film today director Dinesh Soni voice "was a song recorded for" meet you. This romantic song Angie studio based in Goregaon Mumbai Yasser Desai beautiful melodies of composer Rajesh Sharma sang the lyrics "impatient desire". Film D OP and director Dinesh Soni while it Produce Ritesh Kumar Sharma, Dinesh Soni.
As you may know Ambikapur came to Mumbai in 1991 Chhattisgarh Dinesh Sony has worked as a Prakash Jha, Associate D OP films of Anurag Basu and
Anis Bjmi. She Twist Life is already making a film as DOP and director. Being DS become banner Productions film "producer Dinesh Soni and Ritesh Sharma" to meet you. And the film's creative head of Vikash Kaushik film will total 6 songs have been recorded another song that today is already recorded in the voice of a song blink Mucl.
Singer Yasser Desai said that it is a very cute little romantic song, whose words and melodies is very good. The songwriter Atul Mishra. Filled with unique feeling and emotion of love the charm of an amazing in this song.
Filmmakers story of the film, said while talking to media on the occasion, the director Dinesh Soni of two lovers who love Beinteha each other. Is usually love to achieve is understood that while the real love is the name of renunciation and sacrifice, the film revolves around the forest Lainr.


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