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The Girl Who Wouldn’t Let The Fault In Her Eyesight Impair her Vision

The Girl Who Wouldn’t Let
The Fault In Her Eyesight Impair her Vision

~Zee TV brings you a reason to believe in your dreams
with ‘Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai’ ~

Have you caught the recent promos of a new Zee TV show featuring a girl Kajal worshipping the photo frames of Rajesh Khanna as Anand and Shah Rukh Khan as the cool dude Aman of Kal Ho Na Ho? She then turns to the camera and urges you to guess why she's doing so, dropping a hint as she asks you to google ‘Retinitis Pigmentosa’! 

Still wondering what this is all about? Well, let Zee TV help you decode the 25 seconds of this sneak-peek into Kajal’s heart-warming story. The girl you see is 20 year old Kajal who idolizes the most positive, optimistic and selfless characters ever made in the history of Bollywood – Anand and Aman. The two, having been diagnosed of life-altering ailments and imminent death staring them in their face, chose not to give up the hope and zest for life, nurtured and fulfilled their dreams, smiling all along at the cards they were dealt with. Zee TV’s latest protagonist Kajal takes inspiration from these characters and is setting out on a journey of her own to fulfil the dreams she had anyway envisioned with her eyes closed, well aware that she may not have vision on her side to 'see' them through to completion. 

Losing her eyesight to a chronic genetic disorder where one loses their vision over a period of time, she asks herself -  "If I saw these dreams with my eyes closed, do I truly need my eyesight to fulfil them?" At such a young age, she discovers the fault in her stars but treats it as an adventurous journey to discover her dreams bound by this new reality because ‘Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai’ and the show must go on!

Set in Jhansi, ‘Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai’ is a relatable and unique perspective on the ability of an ordinary girl to break the shackle of a physical disability in the form of impending blindness and the extraordinary future she builds for herself by taking charge of her own destiny. Produced by Manor Rama Pictures, this evocative slice-of-life drama boasts of an exciting cast including Megha Ray as the protagonist Kajal, Rohit Sunchati and Shoaib Ali in lead roles and Sachin Khurana, Saurabh Sharma, Hetal Yadav and Shubhanshi Raghuwanshi in exciting never-seen-before characters on television.

Sharing her thoughts on taking on a role like Kajal, Megha said, “I wish we could all be like Kajal in spirit. She is a small-town girl who has no qualms and inhibitions towards life. She is enterprising, smart yet a 20-something-like who has unlimited dreams and too many decisions to make before discovering her real future. I am truly in love with Kajal for her courage. She has a wish-list and every girl will relate to the top three wishes including ‘a hot and good looking boyfriend’, ‘no wrinkles of worry on her mother’s forehead’ and ‘a ghost encounter to tell’ among many others.”

The show will kick-start this rollercoaster ride of emotions and ambitions as Kajal turns unstoppable in achieving success following her vision to experience, if not see it all.

Catch Kajal and her race against time with a vision to fulfil her dreams because ‘Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai’ on Zee TV!


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