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Sitharaman's husband says economic slowdown but govt in denial mode

Sitharaman's husband says  economic slowdown but govt in denial mode

Finance Minister Parakala Prabhakar Nirmala Sitharaman's husband said the government is denying the economic slowdown. Prabhakar said in a column for the Hindu, that while sector by sector the government has still to' prove signs of what hurts the economy' while facing a rather challenging situation.

Prabhakar criticized the BJP government by not providing much evidence that the BJP government has a strategic vision for resolving these challenges.

Prabhakar clarified the question of how the government deals with the crisis and said the BJP is reluctant to build its "own coherent set of ideas on the economy of the country."

He said that while the BJP's rejection of the Nehruvian ideas of socialism was always clear, his self-interest can at best be "losely called the free market framework of capitalism" which has in practice remained untested. 

The political spectrum is the most critical element of the Nehruvian model, the economic philosophy of the party and its articulation, he said in his column.

"The issues which catapulted the party into the main stage of political discourse in the nation and then to power positions, at the center of the party as well as in various States, have had little to do with the articulation of an economic road map and its electorate ' s support.

He said that the current leadership of the party knew that there was no separate political philosophy for the party, and that therefore it did not claim to be re-elected in the economic outcome of its party. "It wisely chose a democratic, nationalist, robust platform for defense," he said.


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