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Siddharth Dey and Shehnaz Gill afraid of their public image?

Siddharth Dey and Shehnaz Gill afraid of their public image?

Bigg Boss S13 is successfully keeping us all engaged and hooked on to the various twists and turns backed with never ending drama. In an exclusive Unseen Undekha clip on VOOT, Shehnaz and Siddharth are seen striking a serious conversation on their public image post Bigg Boss.

Siddharth Dey asks Shehnaz what she enjoys doing, a film or a video to which Shehnaz replies, “Kuch bhi cheez ho na, woh trusting ho, agar gaana ho woh muhje pasand ho toh main bahut pyaar se nibhaati hoon usko. Main jis cheez mein chali gayi, main usse proper karke hi rahoongi.”

Siddharth Dey further questions, “Teko ab kya lagta hai, ab kya hoga teri zindagi mein?” Shehnaz after thinking for a while says “I think meri zindagi badalne wali hai. Mujhe lagta hai agar main positive rahi yaha pe, matlb agar bahar meri image na kharaab hui ho toh.” 

On further inquiry by Siddharth, the Punjab di kudi talks about how a girl and a guy can be perceived differently outside later innocently questioning “Kuch nahin kiya, gaaliyan toh nahin di maine?” 

All this while Siddharth tries to comfort her by saying “Main thodi na tere saath 24 ghante rehta hoon, isse sirf 2 log jaante hain – camera aur tu!” to which Shehnaz in disagreement says, “Log kya pasand kartein hai woh matter nahin hota, jo main pasand karti hoon woh mujhe matter karta hai aur mujhe wohi karna hai joh main hoon, logo ko jo accept karna hai woh karein ya na karein, joh mere dil mein hai main woh kar doongi, I swear on God, maine aaj tak soch ke koi kaam kiya hi nahin, main kar deti hoon!”

Well, looks like Shehnaz and Siddharth Dey are getting close but are surely skeptical of the relation being accepted outside the house. Let’s wait and watch how the two last in the game while maintaining their friendship. To know more, keep watching Unseen Undekha only on VOOT.


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