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Prince Naveed Khan in the orphanage their new album 'Akian so far' Poster Launch

Prince Naveed Khan in the orphanage their new album 'Akian so far'
Poster Launch

Moving plenty of Khan in Bollywood, which is why now is the entry of a mine
Has been in Bollywood. Yes, these are mine Prince Naveed Khan,
After your new Telangana flag bury his success in the film industry
Bollywood albums' Akian are coming from far away, whose poster he
Launched with the orphans in the orphanage. This album is a Punjabi music
Is, which the AU Kyal has direct. Star Fox Entertainment, Kashish
Production and M. Kumar Productions presents this album is now released. More
Prince released in its first look orphanage and said Welfare
The work they do satisfy the heart, so every job
Public Welfare they are out of time.

Indeed, Prince is the second album in Bollywood. Earlier, he was a Hindi
The song "Just a little heart has to beat 'release, which the audience appreciated the
is. Now it is his second project, in which he says that this
Shoot the song at some distance from Mumbai has been on a dam. Although Mumbai
After heavy rains, he performed this song together with his team
Successfully been completed, that is why even they are excited. in this
Album producer Kumar and Manoj Kumar also support them plenty of
met. Then go and have completed the song. The album of Prince and Sekurit
Jandan chemistry is visible to spectators.

Prince Naveed Khan, Bollywood's brother know that a lot of Salman Khan Big Fan
Huh. And they work Welfare to imitate them. Its
For he has made a Welfare Foundation also, whereby they need
People can also help. 500 people in Telangana help under this Foundeshn
Find and when you get the chance Prince food eat with them. They
Say they get relief so, so 50% of your earnings
Are donated to the poor. By Prince
Inspaerd Salman Khan
Help the people, because Salman are all in Bollywood.
While the desire to once met as a fan of Salman Khan
Are. As well as their family and friends behind its success
Support tend to admit.

Please tell the albums' Akian so far "singer and music BIKRAMJIT Ranjha
And choreographer Sunny buzzing and gamut.
Pikarkok Sanjay Bhushan Patiala
And the producer World Music Perfect and Gilson Entertainment.


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