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“Playing the character of a teacher is a new beginning”, says Priyanka Purohit from Sony SAB’s Tera Kya Hoga Alia?

“Playing the character of a teacher is a new beginning”, says Priyanka Purohit from Sony SAB’s Tera Kya Hoga Alia?

Sony SAB broadens its slate of shows with their brand-new offering, Tera Kya Hoga Alia. This one of a kind yet highly relatable story showcasesthe journey of a married couple, Alia and Alok, who were high school sweethearts and now teachers in the same school. The couple along with their son, Rohan will take the viewers through the bustling streets of Agra into their sweet abode in Teacher’s colony. The couple’s life takes an interesting turn when glamorous English teacher, Taara, played by Priyanka Purohit, enters their lives as their colleague. 
1. What made you opt for Tera Kya Hoga Alia?
The concept of the Tera Kya Hoga Alia? intrigued me. I had taken some time off work and I was certain I wanted to make a comeback with Optimystix production. I have worked with them before and my experience was really amazing. Another point that compelled me to audition for the role of Taara was the very fact that the show will be on Sony SAB. I love the channel and the content they showcase, and I was thrilled when I was finalized for the role as I have never been a part of the Sony SAB family and with this unique show, I do get to be a part of it. Playing a role of a teacher and making a comeback with two of the most significant pioneers of entertainment is just like a dream come true.
2.  You have been a part of the industry for a long time. So in your experience, what makes this show stand out on Sony SAB?

Sony SAB is known for its light-hearted shows, relatable and humorous storytelling. The content they showcase is not dramatic and a complete family entertainment package. This comes as a reliefas the one thing I love about the channel is the kind of humour they bring out in their stories. It will stand out because it is an entirely different story and really fresh. A journey, whichevery woman will relate to. The show is suitable for every generation and I have a lot of expectation from Tera Kya Hoga Alia?

3.Tell us about your character – Taara

Taara is a new age girl who has found her way in a small town of Agra only to pursue her passion and give back to the world by teaching. She is glamourous, sophisticated and full of life. After pursuing her studies abroad, instead of opting for some elite schools or colleges to work in, she decided to be a teacher and teach English in a school in Agra.

4.How has it been working with the new cast?

It’s been a great experience so far and I feel I’m learning something new from each one of them on a daily basis. The vibe on the set is lively and everyone has made it so comfortable for me on the set. We have been shooting in Agra lately to capture the authentic elements of the story and I think I am in love with this place. It was exciting for me to be in Agra and we all had some amazing time while shooting. I look forward to making some great memories while we all put our best foot forward to make this show a success.

5. What can the viewers expect and look forward to with this show?

Our viewers can look forward to full-on entertainment with a beautiful message that is weaved even in the humorous moments of the show. The characters are fresh and unlike anything else that has been done before. Tera Kya Hoga Alia? will be a show every woman can relate with on some level. The show will take our audiences to the life in Agra where the exciting journey of Alia, Alok and Taara will unfold. 

6. Are there any similarity between your character and you in real life?

I relate with Taara’s passion in life that is to give back to the world and make a difference. In my life as well, I try as much as I can to direct my work and efforts in ways that it creates a positive change and I feel even a slightest change brought by every individual makes a huge difference in the world. This quality of Taara struck the most with me and I related to her and the cause she lives for in life. I’m excited to play this character and I hope I do justice to it.

7.  Any specific preparation you have to do for the role?

Yes, I have worked towards giving the character Taara some depth. I was assigned some homework by our director to think aboutmy character and her likes and dislikes. Earlier I struggled but now, since we have started shooting, I am living like Taara as well. I have a sense of belonging towards the character. I have thought about the minute details, like her favorite color, food and the various complexities she must possess as an individual, keeping in mind her background.

8.  Do you watch any show on Sony SAB? Which one is your favorite show on the channel?
My family loves Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltha Chashma. They have followed it since the beginning.I personally love Sony SAB and the kind of stories they have showcased so far. The shows are beautifully curated with utmost attention and care. Sony SAB is the one stop destination for humour, light hearted content and the channel that brings a family together.


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