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Paras Chhabra reveals embarrassing details from college days

Paras Chhabra reveals embarrassing details from college days 

Bigg Boss Celebrity Express Season is the talk of the town for all the right reasons. Fights, drama, love, betrayal and all the surprising twists have made the show reach the top of everyone’s watchlist. In an exclusive Unseen Undekha clip on VOOT, Paras Chhabra is seen confessing to Mahira how he was once caught by his mom with a contraceptive in his jean’s pocket while he was in a relationship.  

Paras and Mahira are having a conversation on the bed when Paras reveals how his mother found ‘the embarrassing thing’ in his pants while he was deep sleep. Paras continues to enact his mom saying, “Kehti kya hai ye? Main bola hain! Kya? Pant hai meri, jeans hai. Kehti hain iske andar kya hai? Main bola kya hai, kyuki mujhe yakeen nahi hua ke kya hai.” Paras further adds how he escaped the whole situation blaming it on his friend and narrates “Mummy ek baat batao, agar aisa hota toh main pocket mein rakhta kya? Phenk nahi deta main. Woh toh dost ka tha isliye rakha hua tha maine. Usne kaha tha ki main ghar nahi le ke jaa sakta toh usne mujhe de diya aur fir main bhool gaya.”

That’s not all, Paras narrates another funny incident from the past when he was dating a girl in 11th Standard and the neighbor complained on a girl visiting their house. They both laugh it out loud when he tells how the revelation text which was supposed to go to his girlfriend goes to his mother and accepts “Mummy boli ‘message dekh ke bheja karo kaha bhej rahe ho?’ meine Mummy ko hi bhej diya tha.” 

Well, seems like Paras’s mom is too sweet to know it all and still not say anything. Will Mahira and Paras become the best of friends with such candid conversation? Keep watching  VOOT’s Unseen Undekha to know more.


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