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Paras Chhabra gives Aarti Singh a tight hug in this Unseen Undekha clip OR Why did Paras Chhabra give Aarti a ‘Jadoo Ki Jhappi’

Paras Chhabra gives Aarti Singh a tight hug in this Unseen Undekha clip
Why did Paras Chhabra give Aarti a ‘Jadoo Ki Jhappi’

This season’s Bigg Boss is turning out to be unpredictably exciting and engaging as the show will approach a finale twist in just a week or two. The short format of the celebrity express season is making and breaking bonds like never before and seems like a few contestants have already started feeling homesick in Bigg Boss’s house. In this clip of VOOT’s Unseen Undekha, Paras Chhabra, the Sanskari playboy of the house is seen giving Aarti Singh a tight hug.

It all starts when Aarti asks Paras “Kya Kar raha hai tu?” when Paras says that he is organizing the stack placed near the bathroom area.  Pointing at her right shoulder and elbow, Aarti says, “Mere na ye sab dard ho raha hai Paras” to which Paras questions “Kya kiya tune aisa? Tedhi so gyi hogi mujhe lag raha hai.” Explaining why and how she got hurt, Aarti then tells Paras “Jo main giri thi na lag toh gayi hai us waqt karochein nahi aayi lekin”. Meanwhile Paras, who looks contempt after setting up the stack says “Dekh lag raha hai na sundar abhi”. 

Lost in her own thoughts, Aarti Singh goes on to express her desire to Paras and says, “Aisa lag raha hai jaise koi” and discontinues as if being unsure. To this, Paras asks Aarti to open up about what is bothering her. Here, Aarti shows Paras how she feels like giving someone a tight hug. “Aise, ab ye mera nature hai. Merko na aise karke hota hai na. Aise pyaar hota hai na aise karke gale lagna, wo main na aisi type ki insaan hun.”

Aarti further reveals how she used to hug and play with her brother Krushna Abhishek’s sons back at his house in Bombay. “Abhi jaise Mummy toh nahi hai Bombay main toh farak nahi padta,  Woh dono hai na bacche Krushna ke cheeku peeku, toh main un logo ko gale laga leti hun, unke pass zabardasti ghusi rehti hun.” 

Responding to the situation, Paras immediately stands up asks “Toh tera gale lagaane ka mann kar raha hai? Feeling nice about the sweet gesture by Paras, Aarti says “Han” and we see a sweet hug between the two as Paras voices “Aaja, Aaja. Strong ladki hai yaar tu, kya tension leti hai tu.”

Well, we don’t know about others but Paras Chhabra is surely winning all the hearts inside the house, especially when it comes to ladies. Tune-in to VOOT’s Unseen Undekha to watch all the unfiltered action and drama from Bigg Boss S13.


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