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Over 500 challengers and 2000 supporters ran on 73rd Independence Day on August 15, 2019 to spread the message of “Run Over Cancer” & “Wellness over Illness” at 'The Mumbai Ultra - 12 Hour Run' on August 15, 2019.

Over 500 challengers and 2000 supporters ran on 73rd Independence Day on August 15, 2019 to spread the message of “Run Over Cancer” & “Wellness over Illness” at 'The Mumbai Ultra - 12 Hour Run' on August 15, 2019.

About 100 plus women and armed forces from Indian Navy, Coast Guard and Police Personnel participated in the Sixth Edition of Mumbai Ultra. More than 500 Ambassadors of running took up the Challenge of running 12 hours to spread the message of “Wellness over Illness” among the citizens. 

Mumbai Ultra raised donations in the name of TATA Memorial Hospital for treatment of Pediatric Cancer Patients. To appreciate the initiative taken by Mumbai Ultra, 10 Pediatric Cancer Patient Kids from TATA Memorial Hospital ran along with their Guardians and Volunteers of Mumbai Ultra Team in order to support the runners running in today’s event.

Mr. Prakash Agarwal, Cancer Survivor ran 12 Hour to spread the message “Run Over Cancer”. No casualties reported informed, Medical Director Dr. Gayatri Thakoor.

Mr. Daniel Vaz, Race Director lauded Mumbai Ultra’s effort for organizing a Unique 12 Hour Running Event. He further elaborated that Mumbai Ultra acts as a Platform for runners to practice and train themselves for running in the tougher Ultra Races organised in India & abroad. The event is also unique, in that it draws runners to test their mettle at an Ultra-marathon distance with a ‘time based’ element wherein they can run as much as they can and as long as they can. There are no prizes because everyone is a winner.”

Another 2,000 joined for a shorter duration over the day to support the challengers, gain the benefits of running and experience The Mumbai Ultra for themselves.

'The Mumbai Ultra' was conceived in 2014 as a 12-hour public run on the streets of Mumbai to raise awareness about the tremendous benefits of running. A natural activity for the human body, running brings a host of benefits including maintaining a healthy weight, stronger heart and lungs, more stamina, a stronger body, healthier joints, a happier and more confident disposition, and a ton of friends among its massive community. Running is suitable for almost anyone, being an easy and inexpensive way to stay fit.

"The body is many things to us, including the machinery with which we perform our various activities. It was designed to walk, run, jump, pull, push, stretch," said Naveen Hegde, one of the Core Organisers of The Mumbai Ultra and an avid marathoner. 

"When we keep our body in use, we are able to retain our fitness well in our senior years. Else, the body atrophies, resulting in aches and pains as early as the late 20. So get off the chair, put on your shoes and run," he says.

“Running is a great way to build resilience, be focused and stay goal-oriented, teaching one how to convert intention into execution. A healthy fitness quotient should be a personal priority and this is something that we encourage at Edelweiss as well. Being associated with the Mumbai Ultra Marathon has always been a joyful experience and we are happy to partner with them once again”, said Mr. Rashesh Shah, a participant and Chairman & CEO of Edelweiss Group.

Mr. Satish Gujaran says, “Mumbai Ultra Marathön is a great initiative by the runners for the runners. It’s giving the runners a great opportunity to run beyond 42km along with their favourite elite runners with the very best support on the race route. And the best part of the run is that at the end of the day, each runner feels satisfied that they are contributing towards saving children suffering from cancer. It’s an amazing concept for the love of the sport.”

Mr. Prakash Agarwal, 41 year old Cancer Survivor and Ms. Lata Alimchandani ( Neeru Bajaj)  61 Brain Tumor Survior ran 12 Hour in Mumbai Ultra.

Mr. Prakash Agarwal, 41 year old Cancer Survior is a true inspirational runner amongst us. He states that his phase during the cancer treatment made him aware of his own emotional strength; Hope and determination to come out better and stronger than what he was before, is what kept him going. He further mentions that running ultras and marathons also embodies similar traits - Determination and pushing one's own limits. Running Ultra could be considered a bit of nonsensical. However, nonsensical people only achieve great things in life.

Ms. Lata Alimchandani, 61 fought from Brain Tumor few years ago, started running 5 years back and have ran almost 60+ Half marathons, numerous 10Ks (Podium Finisher in maximum 10Ks) and 9 Full Marathons finishing Abbott World Marathon Majors. She says “I felt much better and became much stronger and confident since the time I have started running. I have gained lot of respect and made many friends than I had before. This is not the only benefit. With any exercise you can not only stay healthy, but eat well. She further says “If something has to happen, it can happen anywhere - Stay strong and don’t be scared. Live your life today.”

Edelweiss is the Unlimited Partner, Idealake is the Digital Partner, Dr. Bangera’s Sai Physiotherapy Clinic is the recovery partner, with other partners like IOCL, BPCL, Zee 24 Thas, SRL Phadke Labs, Café Trofima, Menrva,, etc. The event is powered by Zee International. The Medical Team consisted of 100 Doctors, Para-Medicos and Physiotherapists who came from KEM Hospital and Sion Hospital in order to monitor the health of runners for 12 Hours non-stop.

Mr. Daniel Vaz is the Race Director and Dr. Gayatri Thakoor was the Medical Director. 108 Ambulance services provided 4 Cardiac Ambulances for Emergency services.

Event Format

The Mumbai Ultra took the format of an Ultra Marathon, in which Participants run a distance of over 42.2 kilometres. 

Participants started the run at 5 am and continued till 5 pm. Over this time, they ran and walked, breaking during the day for mandatory medical check-ups, meals, and of course, selfies! They finished anything from 50 Km to 120 km.

This time the runners were happy to get the Timing Chip, which helped them to record the number of kilometers they ran during 12 hours. Every finisher was a winner and awarded the Finisher's Medal.

The route and arrangements:

·         4 Hydration Stations: at Shivaji Part, Bengal Chemicals, Sea Link and worli Promenade end.

·         Arrangements at Hydration station: Include Water, Enerzal, Dry fruits, Fresh fruits, snacks, Physiotherapists and one stationary ambulance.

·         Host station: Food court serving multiple rounds of breakfast, lunch, snacks, high tea followed with post event carb reload dinner.

·         Volunteers on road: Volunteers on bikes available throughout the day helping runners for any requirements.

You can contact some of the following participants for their feedback.

Ø  Daniel Vaz: 9820069751

Ø  Satish Gujran: 9833929263 – Legendary 10 consecutive Comrades Ultra marathon Finisher at Durban, South Africa and the First Indian to be honored with the Green Number by Comrades Marathon Association

Ø  Ms. Sheena Kapoor: 9821514227 Head Corporate Marketing,  Edelweiss Financial Services.

Ø  Capt. Deepak SInghal: 9160525107 Serving Naval Officer who has run several marathons and Ultra Marathons.

Ø  Dr. S.D.Banavali : 9820074514 / 0222417700 ext 4173

Ø  Dr. Gayatri Thakoor: Medical Director  9323755747

Ø  Ms Indira Ghosh : Host and Participant


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