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JKB Telefilms unveils their younger producer!!

JKB Telefilms unveils their younger producer!!

Success is not measured by the age it is hard work!!

A person giving his all effort to the industry and in many other sectors working hard to show his talent and capability to the entire universe at the age of 25. As we all can say Everyone's path to success is different. So here a person whom we would like to disclose is the younger producer of many shows like Jai Jai Jai Bajrangbali, Aastha and Siddhivinayak with association of  B&M Studio none other than Mr. Nilesh Rawat (Producer) JKB Telefilms.

It is said that producers are the backbone of the complete show and also they provide bread and butter to everyone in their loop. Producers gross on many forms and they are perhaps the locomotives and determination of numerous diverse elegances of prevalent shows today. With new talents each day entering this crowded, competitive scene it's hard to keep up with who's making the hottest, freshest sounds into the industry. But as it is said Action speaks louder than words. So even Mr. Rawat has also proved it by being a producer at this early stage. By facing the encounter more twists, turns, and bumps along the way. He has made up to it.

Commenting on this Nilesh said, “That is wasn’t so easy for me to handle each and everything by my own it won’t be even possible without my parent's support and their dedication. They have trusted me so much and gave this opportunity to be the one. I wouldn’t have ever made this far. I am a person who loves to read and study and thought of being a normal person who will complete his studies and look after to work in some company but as it said destiny has something for everyone and same goes with me too. Never did I think that I would be a producer in my childhood days but you can say destiny has the best stored in for me so here where I have landed up with. 2017 was a great year for me from where I have hit off and looking for many more years as such. I have been working very hard on bringing these shows to life. I am glad that the audiences are appreciating the shows and will be coming up with more such TV serials too.”

As being the producer of JKB Telefilms Nilesh also have to look after many such factors related to shows whether it should be a mythological, socio-mythological or it should be an influential TV serial. Analyzing all the bits and pieces of different sectors Mr. Rawat says “we produce the quality in serials which can be connected by the audience not the quantity”. 


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