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Is Abu Mallik willing to leave Bigg Boss S13?

Is Abu Mallik willing to leave Bigg Boss S13?

Bigg Boss  has just begun and it is getting claustrophobic for the contestants already. After the recent nominations, housemates are mentally preparing themselves for eviction. Some have already started to feel homesick and are discussing their journey in Bigg Boss S13 and what have they have learnt from it so far. 

Recently, Shenaaz comes with Abu to the dining table and discuss about his nomination saying, “2 hafte rehna hai tumhe.” Abu replies with a sigh, “Nau din.” Koena jumps in the conversation and reveals why Abu could be sent home, “Yeh jo kar rahe hai uski wajah se hi jaega. Baar baar bol rahe hai jaega jaega.” to which Shenaaz is in complete agreement.

Abu with a long face says, “Oye koena. Chill. I am happy and I enjoyed every bit of this show.” He further spills his sad heart and says, “It’s a game. Jo jaega, woh jaega. Game ko respect karna hoga. There’s a reason why someone has to go.”

The conversation then takes a new turn as the housemates discuss the pro’s of Bigg Boss . Koena expresses how Bigg Boss lifts you from your comfort place and puts in a house full of strangers where you have to adjust and survive. Abu agrees and expresses the learning one gets from Bigg Boss S13. 

Well, we will surely miss Abu, his songs and the jokes, if ever he leaves the house. However, we must say, he would take his eviction quite sportingly. To get a sneak peek  of contestants talking about their experience inside the house, watch Unseen Undekha only on VOOT.


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