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Housemates pull Aarti Singh’s leg over biology

Housemates pull Aarti Singh’s leg over biology

While things in the Bigg Boss house are heating up, the contestants are also finding ways to have fun together. Recently in a clip of Unseen Undekha on VOOT, Paras Chhabra and Siddharth Shukla test Aarti Singh’s knowledge of Biology while Devoleena is busy applying make-up. 

“Tujhe kabhi stone hua hai?” asks Paras to Aarti as she answers, “Mujhe liver mai problem hua hai but stone kabhi nai hua.” Further into the conversation, Aarti gets confused and asks, “Pet me liver aata hai? Liver toh alag hota hai nah?” 

Devoleena is laughing to this as Paras mocks and agrees with her. “Itni badi ho gayi but yeh nai pata,” adds Paras. He then teases her and enquires, “Acha pet me kya hota hai?” “Matlab not just stomach, the area of the body he is talking about?” Siddharth clarifies. 

“Stomach me to digestion ka sab aata hai,”Aarti continues. However, Paras continues to pester her “Pet me kya kya aata hai? Jo hum khaate hai jo pet me jaata hai who stomach hota hai?” Aarti tries to dodge the question but Paras doesn’t let it go. Finally, Aarti goofs up the position of the various body parts and the four have a good laugh.

Well, happens to the best of us Aarti, doesn’t it? Watch more goofy moments between the Bigg Boss contestants on Unseen Undekha exclusively on VOOT.


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