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Food wars in the Bigg Boss house?

Food wars in the Bigg Boss house?
Devoleena not happy about her cooking duty in the Bigg boss House

The Bigg Boss contestants have all settled in and the daily chores have been distributed. But there is always trouble in paradise! In the latest clip of Unseen Undekha on VOOT, Devoleena Bhattacharjee can be seen lashing out at the housemates over kitchen duties.

Devoleena gets irritated and says, “Starting tomorrow, I’m going to first get ready and then enter the kitchen. Whether people eat cold food, hot food or no food I don’t care.” When asked what’s wrong, she says, “From tomorrow everyone will have breakfast together only when it is completely ready. I’m not going to serve everyone separately.” Aarti provides a solution, “You make the food and keep it. People will reheat it as per their convenience.”

On hearing this, Devoleena opens up about how reheating is not the problem, “The problem is that once I make parathas, someone else eats extra and then the person who is late. I did that only with Shefali and called her 10 times to come and eat but she took time and then I had to make extra.”

Finally, Aarti comes to the rescue as she says, “Your duty is complete when you make the parathas for everyone and keep them in the casserole. Then whoever eats extra, whoever doesn’t get the food is their lookout.”

It seems like the Bigg Boss contestants are starting to unwind and things are about to get more dramatic in the coming weeks. 

To watch more drama unfold, tune in to Unseen Undekha exclusively on VOOT.


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