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Dalljiet Kaur opens up about her strict dad

Dalljiet Kaur opens up about her strict dad

Indian parents are known to be strict and we all have had our share of interesting experiences of dealing with it.  And our Bigg Boss contestants are no exception. In the latest clip of Unseen Undekha on VOOT, watch Dalljiet Kaur and Sidharth Shukla are seen talking about their strict parents.

Sidharth gets curious and asks Dalljiet, “Has it ever happened that boys have had to think 10 times before coming to your house?” Dalljiet chuckles and adds, “Haan Haan. Even now that happens. They don’t come only what do I do?” She adds that her dad has a specific aura, he is very na├»ve, very peaceful and religious which leads to boys respecting him enough to decline coming home. She says that he would never scream or shout but his personality is such that people respect him.

Dalljiet recounts a recent event where one of her guy friends came home along with her girl - friends and they were all playing Pictionary. She comments, “We were so busy playing that we didn’t realise the time. Dad watched us for one hour, then two hours and by the fourth hour, I think, he calls me and says – do you realise the time? And I’m like yes we’re playing but he repeats himself. That’s when I realised, Ohh Wait! There’s a guy in the house! I said – of course papa, it’s very late, I’ll let them go.” She bid them goodbye and made them leave her house, she laughs as she narrates the incident.

Well, what can we say, you never grow up in your parents’ eyes, do you? Catch the Bigg Boss contestants narrate more childhood and teenage stories only on Unseen Undekha on VOOT.


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