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Celebrate Dhanteras with Amazon Fashion

Celebrate Dhanteras with Amazon Fashion

With the onset of the festive season, Dhanteras is considered to be the most auspicious day to shop for jewellery. With over 4 lakh designs available, Amazon Fashion has the largest precious jewellery storewith products from brands like Malabar, ORRA, Joyalukas, Mia by Tanishq and more.To help you make the right choice, Narendra Kumar, Creative Director at Amazon Fashion has curated some of the trending jewellery styles to help ease your dilemma of buying the perfect piece of jewellery for you and your loved ones. 

Necklace: The traditional buy every Dhanteras, a 22K gold necklace is something you can’t miss. Nothing matches the ethnicity and serenity of these traditional jewellery pieces as they complement the attires of all shades and types.
Malabar Gold and Diamonds 22KT Yellow Gold Necklace
Malabar Gold and Diamonds 22KT Gold Necklace
Joyalukkas 22k Gold Necklace for Women

Earrings: Don’t feel like dressing heavy on jewellery, these gorgeous earrings with intricate carvings, embellished with delicate meenakari and kundan work are sure to bring a spark back in your eyes!
Joyalukkas 22k Yellow Gold Drop Earrings
Joyalukkas 22k Gold Drop Earrings
Malabar Gold and Diamonds 22KT Yellow Gold Drop Earrings

Cuffs and bangles: Cuff bracelets and bangles are an adornment with an incredibly rich history that goes back thousands of years into the ancient world. No matter the festive function, these expressive gold cuff bracelets and bangles add grandeur to your attire. 
Joyalukkas Gold and Blue Sapphire Cuff
Joyalukkas Ratna Collections 22k Yellow Gold and Emerald Bangle
Mia by Tanishq Rose Gold and Diamond Bangle

Rings:Diamonds are a woman’s best friend they say. A chic diamond ring in different designs is something that would complement your elegance in the most amazing way. A ring is an important jewellery piece for a woman, and she chooses it carefully.
Joyalukkas Pride Diamond Collection White Gold and Diamond Ring
Malabar Rose Gold and Solitaire Ring for Women
Malabar Gold & Diamonds 22KT Gold Ring for Women

Pendants: If you want to opt for something simple yet elegant, you can go for pendants that are trendy and in romantic hues of ruby, emralad and sapphiress which are currently the colours of the season. A piece of fine jewellery enhances your look and sure to make you stand out in the crowd. 
Joyalukkas Ratna Collections 22k Yellow Gold and Blue Sapphire Pendant
Orra Dahlia Collection Two Colour Gold and Diamond Pendant
PC Jeweller Diamond & Gemstone Pendant

Jewellery Sets –Jewellery sets with exquisite and intricate designs make for a perfect look as they accentuate your style and make you look super glamourous! These jewellery pieces are perfect for your festive look as they will make you stand out of the crowd!
Joyalukkas Rose Gold and Diamond Jewellery Set
TBZ - Yellow Gold Jewellery Set
Bhima Jewellers Yellow Gold Pendant

Gold and Silver Coins & Bars – Gold and silver coins are available in a range of weights and can match any budget. Coins are symbolic of good luck and prosperity. They are also a great asset and can be gifted to anyone.
Malabar 10 gm Gold Coin 
Malabar Purity, 24k Rose Gold Coin
Joyalukkas 999 Silver Bar
JoyalukkasDivinosilver Collection Silver Coin


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