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Blogger Jannat Khan on her success story & journey in the influencer industry.

Blogger Jannat Khan on her success story & journey in the influencer industry.

Blogger Jannat Khan of blog Wish You Were Fashion talks about her journey in the
booming influencer industry and tells us about her success story.
The influencer industry is growing by leaps and bounds everyday, it is gaining a lot of
momentum, companies are moving from traditional marketing to influencer marketing
because of technology, Jannat Khan has been blogging for over two years now, she says
“It has been a great journey ever since, I feel there is so much more to explore”.
She is a growing name in fashion, not only for her blog ‘Wish you were fashion by Jannat
Khan’ but also for the various other careers she handles. Apart from the fun pictures and
events that you see, she is a full time fashion publicist helping fashion designers reach out
to the world, she’s also a content writer and social media manager for various brands and
last but not the least she is also a trained hairstylist, “I love trying out new and different
things, I feel the need to be the best at it all” says Jannat. With her blog she aims to create
awareness of all the international trends in India, to show people how to easily sport the
latest fashion with her pictures and videos.
After completing her Management studies and working in the marketing field, she found
her true calling, it was fashion that always had her heart. “I tried starting a blog a couple of
times many years back, but lacked consistency” which she now says is one of the most
important points to survive as a blogger!
She insists that every person has something they really love and they should really
incorporate it in their daily lives if not as careers but also as a hobby.
Her images and documentation of fashion will make you fall in love with colours and all
things fun! Her forte lies in street wear but you’ll also see her experiment with a lot of
topics like makeup, skincare, Indian wear and much more. She advices that one should
make sure to be in the right place at the right time, and to gain enough exposure and
experience over time to become an influencer.
Wish you were fashion by Jannat Khan was born out of the love for trends and fashion,
check out her Instagram account and blog for your daily dose of inspiration!


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