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Times when Pancham proved to be the ideal husband for Elaichi

Giving a comical spin to new age romance are Pancham (Nikhil Khurana) and Elaichi (Hiba Nawab) from Sony SAB’s Jijaji Chhat Per Hain. Elaichi, a street-smart, bold girl from Chandni Chowk, is known for her clever pranks and totally crazy ideas to have her father, Murari, approve of the love of her life and secret husband, Pancham. Pancham, complete opposite of Elaichi, is humble and gullible. The couple who recently married each other while keeping it a secret from Elaichi's family continue to make the most as a newly married couple and the secrecy has not stopped this cheerful pair of Sony SAB from having fun and finding their moments of love.
While Elaichi continues to be her mischievous self, Pancham has proven to be the ideal partner for Elaichi. Here are some moments from the show when Pancham gave the viewers major husband goals:
o Elaichi ka hero
When Elaichi and her family planned their trip to Kumbh Mela, things take a dangerous turn. The train’s brakes fail and puts everyone’s life atrisk. Pancham being the humble hero takes the initiative to save his love, Elaichi, and her family by detaching the boggy the family was travelling in. 

o No matter what, he always keeps his promises
When Elaichi wanted to experience her firsts with Pancham post marriage, they promise each other to experience season’s first rain shower together. Pancham finds himself burdened with shop work assigned by Murari and finds it difficult to slip out of Murari’s sight to be with Elaichi. Despite all of this, Pancham keeps his promise and the couple enjoy their first monsoon together.

o ‘Pyaar mein pitt bhi jayenge’
It’s said, ‘All is fair in love and war’, and this is indeed true for Pancham and Elaichi’s love story. When Pinky reveals Pushpendra’s evil intentions of cheating Elaichi, Murari and the others thrash Pancham claiming, ‘If we hurt him then absconding twin, Pushpendra, will be hurt as well’.  

o Pancham, Elaichi ke pyaar ka ghulam!
While Elaichi is the notorious planner, Pancham compliments her by executing the plan with perfection even if it demands to pretend like an ‘Aadimanav’, only to scare his father-in-law, Murari into giving him a hefty raise. When Elaichi, who is the master mind behind this unusual plan, presents this idea, Pancham quickly obliges to execute her plan and make it a success. 

Follow the adventurous yet romantic journey of Pancham and Elaichi every Monday-Friday at 9:30pm only on Sony SAB


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