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Timely intervention can prevent you from becoming an epidemic of hepatitis in India World Hepatitis Day: July 28, 2019

New Delhi, July 28 is celebrated as the World Hepatitis Day. Every year this event is to educate people about Hepatitis disease and prevention. This year's World Hepatitis Day is to urge all countries to promote this year's theme (to reduce hepatitis).

Despite the progress and development in the treatment of hepatitis B and C, is difficult due to lack of public awareness at both of these diseases. Globally, there are approximately 350 million people suffer from chronic hepatitis B, and it has become the leading cause of liver failure and cancer. Only 10% to 15% of the population which is unaware of the reasons they are not able to identify the disease. In all countries, India is in fourth place, which carries about 50% of the global percentage of chronic hepatitis.

Saroj Super Specialty Hospital   The HOD of Gastroenterology, Dr. Ramesh Garg said, "The liver's job is to help digestion and the production of proteins, enzymes and other substances. this   That clears toxins from the body and generates energy from food. This process abnormality is not serious signs of a disease that liver work well. Liver of Mr.   This unusual relationship   L'person bridesmaid can be a function test (LFT)   Which analyzes the sample of blood. "

This disease is the swelling in his liver. It is the leading cause of virus or infection. It has all the characteristics can not be identified by the difference between the diagnosis without much resemble each other so. Hepatitis has taken the entire country in its grip. Do not fade regularly identify the investigation and disease due to get diagnosed is that lasted more severe over time. The other reasons include tattoo done, plenty of food supplements, drugs are injected more.

Hepatitis are viruses 5 types are hepatitis A, B, C, D and E with A & E infected food and spread the water. Hepatitis B, are born by C and D blood and Hepatitis D occurs only in people who are already infected with the hepatitis B virus. Hepatitis B is transmitted from a woman who is the virus that range is provided by this account, it is infected with Hepatitis B your child. Hepatitis infection in 90% of cases mothers are spreading child. So to investigate the mother during pregnancy it is important to find out if she is not infected with the hepatitis B virus. If he can be defended at the time of infection is vaccination and treatment. Hepatitis C is now available complete cure is no longer difficult to get rid of it.


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