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PUMA X Masaba

We are very excited to announce that PUMA will be launching a capsule collection in collaboration with designer Masaba. Unlike any other collaboration, this one goes deeper than creating just a product, it holds a strong message that is relevant to today’s audiences and millennials.

The iconic Cali Sneaker has a sleek and minimalistic style which proved to be a perfect canvas for Masaba to play around and express herself through her art & design. The theme of the shoes imbibe’s designs that reflect two thoughts strongly – Anxiety & Identity.

We would love to explore an interview with your publication and Masaba on the any of the following topics. Below are also details on the inspiration and theme of the shoe. Please do let us know –

1. Masaba's collab with PUMA

2. Masaba doing so many collabs with brands: Growing brand Masaba

3. A collab with a difference - Masaba's message for millenials- Masaba's first shoe collab with strong messages of Anti Anxiety & Identity - spot light on very relevant topics for today's consumers (Probably the first shoe collab in India with a strong message to society)

4. Masaba and PUMA further building and growing the streetwear and sportstyle space with PUMA

5. Masaba's personal experience & journey that made her identify with the two themes so strongly. Also, her thought and message to others dealing with similar issues.

Anti- Anxiety: Acknowledging the restless thoughts that run faster than any legs; Masaba turns the street classic Cali into a canvas of myriad everyday thoughts that keep sneaking up. Each detail has been carefully created to strongly embody the theme of anxiety. The caricature personifies the many thoughts in an anxious mind, the colourful laces reflect the chaos and polka dots are the essence of the House of Masaba.

Identity: The second shoe draws inspiration from the barriers & boundaries that people set for ourselves, encouraging the millennial generation to break free. The design represents a patchwork of various labels put on people, either self-inflicted or society created. The locks on the shoe signify barriers and boundaries while the key represents breaking free. The thumb print is an imprint and the slogan of ‘Decode yourself’ translates to unwrapping your thoughts. Of course the design wouldn’t be complete with Masaba’s iconic chevron print.


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