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Parshv Kishore Kumar The birthday Surmai tribute, Mumbai evening Mastani

Great singer of the century Kishore Kumar has left its indelible mark for several decades. While their songs on Juban's people today. The nation's birthday the legendary singer is celebrating. Not to be outdone Mumbai music lovers such. He playback singer Kishore evening in memory of Kumar song evenings Country Club in Andheri area of ​​seven Mumbai. Music behind the music lover's Evening conceived and organized he has Prsiddh enjoy teen named Singer Mini Kishore Kumar.
Musical evening Kishore Kumar Some songs like enjoy singing songs like the romantic various moods, humor, serious, fun, tragic and tampering teen forced to swing reminding the audience of Kishore Kumar.
The music Parshv in Shandya singer Kishore Kumar was a new mean anything to set new dimensions and film music Kshehtr the tribute given went, who film music.
Anand Kishore said that since 1995 they are celebrating birthdays Punjab Kisr Da said. He had a dream that will be celebrated birthday Bollywood Mumbai a day grandfather and today it is a dream come true. Anand said that he got a song not not Shika. Just Kishore Kumar of worship was a day of music education dreams of. Then Amritsar people got to know them by name Mini Kishore Kumar. Famous Voice of India in this musical evening Singer Hrgun Kaur was also present. He was forced to sing the song recalls Kishore Kumar in his usual style logo on the dance. Hrgun said Kishore da how a singer with songs that Sikhaya the singer should be an actor, so also enjoyed with those songs. "I am from Amritsar and was suspicious of the songs of childhood and adolescent Kumar'm hearing from my childhood, and found them as inspiration" Hrgun said.
The music chill Kumar film producer Suresh Sharma in Ayejn evening gave. He wanted to believe a program Kishore Kumar's birthday to enjoy Mumbai so contact me and today we have two and the rest held a successful program with the help of all those present. Suresh Sharma impressed by songs added comfort and will their chance to enjoy the next film. The music TV Serial Vaishnavi actress Divya vision evening MacDonald made Mastani. He recalled giving greetings by singing in his usual style, teen birthday Da.
Enjoyed this opportunity to grow the number attendees with dignitaries musical evening and teens missed Da saying Happy Birthday.


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