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Nagraj Bhujang’s Hiss Effect

Supernatural genre not only offers a complete visual treat but also provides several plots to experiment and bring alive the characters. &TV’s Main Bhi Ardhangini with the central focus on Adbhud Mayavi Duniya - a fresh supernatural narrative, fascinating characters and gripping plots with strong visual representation is keeping the audience at the edge of their seats. Portraying the character of Nagaraj Bhujang, Meer Ali is leaving no stone unturned to enhance his character’s look, feel and overall texture.

Says the actor, “The genre of fantasy and fiction is quite intriguing and interesting to portray. My character of Bhujang offers a lot of scope and experimentation. He has a strong persona of his own and has the capability to own the space the moment he appears on the screen. Although I have been a part of other shows in a similar genre, this character completely stands out from the rest of the characters I have portrayed. Given my character is that of Nagaraj, I particularly spent time in understanding snakes and observing their movements - how fast they strike, how they wriggle their tail and flex their jaws. A lot of research went into creating the look, and it takes about two to two and half hours to get into the complete look. The look is fascinating and fabulous. “

Bhujang’s character is one of the central characters in the show and the makers have put in a lot of efforts to bring alive the essence of this potentate of Naglok. The look entails body painting, which takes about 2-2.25 hours, quintessential turban with a gemstone, prostates, comprehensive makeup and much more. (Add a line about Bhujang’s character)

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