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“Making a debut with Sony SAB is unreal”, says newbie Anusha Mishra from Tera Kya Hoga Alia

Sony SAB broadens its slate of shows with their brand new offering, Tera Kya Hoga Alia? This one of a kind yet highly relatable story showcasesthe journey of a married couple, Alia and Alok, who were high school sweethearts and now teachers in the same school. The couple along with their son, Rohan will take the viewers through the bustling streets of Agra into their sweet abode in Teacher’s colony.
This brand new series by Sony SAB traces the insecurities and concerns faced by the protagonist, Alia (Anusha Mishra), a history teacher, once crowned as Miss Agra, who devoted everything to her family post marriage Like a dutiful Indian wife and mother, she put the needs of her family first ignoring her weight issues, making her very conscious about her physique.

1. How do you feel about your debut on Sony SAB with the show Tera Kya Hoga Alia?

It feels unreal as I was working for the digital leg for Sony SAB and now I am debuting with their new show. I have seen the work created by Sony SAB and have always admired their approach and content. I randomly decided to given the audition for Tera Kya Hoga Alia? and now that I am a part of this show its seems like a dream. I am slowly transitioning into this industry and eagerly looking forward to the launch.
2. How excited are you on being a part of Tera Kya Hoga Alia?

I am over the moon. Pursuing acting was never my plan but I have been around sets as a child since my mom is an artist. As new this world is to me, it seems familiar at the same time. I am putting in all my efforts to get this part right and do justice to the character of Alia.

3. What drove you into accepting the role of Alia?

When I came across this show and Alia’s character, I instantly felt the connection withher and found myself in her character. I knew this is the role I want to make my debut with. We are very similar, we share the same insecurities. My connection with Alia is beyond just a role. I connect with her emotionally as well.

4. How has it been working with the new cast?

This experience is entirely new for me. I am loving every bit of it. We have just started shooting for the episodes and I’m already fascinated by the talent each artistin this show has. I am learning every minute during the workshops, shoot and even during the interactions with the cast. They are helping me in this new journey and I couldn’t ask for more.
5. Tell us about your character – Alia

Alia is Anusha 7 years down the line. She is full of life, she loves to dance and sing. Alia is aBollywood fanatic and totally in love with her husband and her family. She is sassy and loves to style herself being the former Miss Agra. She has an adorable 5 year old child, Rohan. She is the true representation of Beauty with Brains.

6. What can the viewers expect and look forward to with this show?

Tera Kya Hoga Alia? will bring our viewers endless joy. It will take them through Alia’s life and everything around her that fuels her happiness and at the same time her take on life. The decisions she makes which often land her in trouble. It is a show that will address a lot of relatable issues and topics which will make our viewers find there connect with Alia and her life.

7. Any specific preparation you have done or had to do to get into the role?

Since the past few weeks we have been working with the dialogues and the accent along with the shoot. It has been very intense, the accent isn’t a strong one but very subtle. I am putting all my effort into getting this bit right and completely getting into my character keeping in mind all the intricate details.

8. Do you watch any show on Sony SAB? Which one is your favorite show on the channel?

I love all the shows on Sony SAB. I simply cannot pick one. Although I have a special connection and affection for Aladdin: Naam toh suna hoga since I helped launch the show. Sony SAB is a channel which serves happiness on a platter with their unique concepts and ideas behind making it one of the best family channels in the country.


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