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It’s all spooks and creeps as Adah Sharma scares the ‘The Holiday’ boy squad!

Mumbai, July 24, 2019: Soon as The Holiday launched on The Zoom Studios YouTube Channel , the series has struck a chord with the viewers and redefined friendship goals. The upcoming episode of the show promises to be next-level fun with eerie encounters, as the friends Mehak (Adah Sharma), Armaan  (Aashim Gulati), Patrick (Priyank Sharma) and Kabir (Veer Rajwant Singh) land themselves in a hotel that appears to be haunted! While shooting for this episode in Mauritius, Adah Sharma pulled off a prank where she recreated the 'ghost-avatar' of her 1920 character that spooked the ‘The Holiday’ boys, Aashim Gulati, Priyank Sharma and Veer Rajwant Singh and made them scamper in fear.  

“With The Holiday, we are encouraging the idea of true friendship with a girl going for her bachelorette with her three best boys. In this upcoming episode, viewers will witness a flavour of horror-comedy with Mehek scaring the boys and playing pranks on them. Even in reality when we were shooting, the hotel we shot in was very creepy. The room had weird lights. So, I hung around behind doors and on a table with my hair covering my face as the boys would enter the room. I also did the evil laugh that I learned when I shot 1920.” recounts Adah Sharma.

Catch the spooky charades of Mehak, Kabir, Armaan and Patrick in this week’s episode of ‘The Holiday’ airing Saturday, July 27 on The Zoom Studios YouTube Channel & Zoom at 7.00 P.M!


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