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“I am overwhelmed to essay the role of a small-town boy”, says Sarrtaj Gill

It is usually easy for an actor to slip into roles that are familiar and more in the comfort space. But equally challenging when it’s the reverse. This holds true for the Sarrtaj Gill who is known for his defined and appealing roles and now all set to essay a character of a young simpleton small-town boy named ‘Muddu’ in &TV’s upcoming show ‘Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari’.

Be it the role of dashing chocolate boy or a royal polished man, Sarrtaj has always been conscious about his appearance and is used to maintaining a well-groomed neat look in all his characters. But for the first time, the actor will be seen portraying the role of a simple small-town boy, talking about which he says, “The character of Muddu has a peculiar rawness and a non-glamorous look which didn’t seem much of a problem, except when I had to get into my character. I have always been the sort of person who is extremely conscious about my looks, and in front of the camera even more so. It took a while to adjust and accept this new appearance and I eventually managed to do so. For the past 1 month, during our shoot in Chanderi, I had to shoot for hours under the sun and was not the least bit bothered about getting tanned. It was quite unlike me, but it actually felt quite liberating, in a way.”

The character of Muddu is that of a young boy who loves wrestling but for some reason or the other has not been able to pursue his dream. Like every young boy, he too has a woman of his dreams, the superstar Madhuri Dixit and wants to marry someone as beautiful as her. Sharing more details about the character of Muddu, Sarrtaj says, “This character is very close to my heart as it has so many layers to it. Apart from the appearance, the dialect and personality of the character are quite in contrast to the earlier roles I have portrayed on screen and even to my real-life personality. He has a strong bundelkhandi dialect that took me some time to master and now I have become quite comfortable with it. In fact, the way Muddu talks and walks is quite different from my style but kudos to the makers for getting the best out of me.”

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari is a slice of the life story of Gudiya, the youngest daughter of Radhe (portrayed by Ravi Mahashabde) and Sarla (portrayed by Samta Sagar), having her own unique quips and quirks to life and situations. Most often Gudiya lands up in unusual situations but then her upbeat attitude and unique approach snap her out of it.

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari coming soon only on &TV!


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