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Gokhale and Thakkar family welcome Bappa on Sony SAB’s Bhakharwadi

It’s that joyous time of Ganesh Chaturthi and everyone is high-spirited for the festival. While this beautiful festival is celebrated across India, Sony SAB’s light-hearted family entertainer Bhakharwadi is all set to welcome Bappa in the show. Lord Ganesha is said to take away all the troubles of people. In these tough times of sourness between Gokhale and Thakkar family, it will be interesting to see if Ganpati Bappa’s arrival will turn things around for them.

As Mahendra (Paresh Gantra) and Abhishek (Akshay Kelkar) have been in the Gokhale house, disguised as 2 beautiful women Chandramukhi and Sulakshana, they are trying to hide this secret of theirs from coming out to everyone. With all the drama going on, both the families gear up to welcome Lord Ganesha into their respective homes, on the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. Keeping their differences aside, Anna (Deven Bhojani) invites his son Abhishek, home, for Ganesha Aarti while Mahendra keeps his promise made to his father by getting home Ganpati. Trying to juggle between their own self to conduct Ganesh Pooja and their female disguise, Abhishek and Mahendra are at high risk as their plan is about to be exposed.

Will Abhishek and Mahendra celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi happily with their families or will their truth come out?

Akshay Kelkar, essaying the role of Abhishek said, “I personally love the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi. Having stayed in Mumbai for a long time, I have witnessed the craze and celebrations that take place. I am glad that we have Ganpati Bappa arriving in our show Bhakharwadi and I’m sure his blessings are forever on this show and with all of us. As Lord Ganesha enters both the houses, Gokhale and Thakkar, the viewers are sure to have an amazing time being a part of this celebration and the drama that follows.”

Paresh Ganatra, essaying the role of Mahendra said, “Mahendra is having fun in the disguise of Chandramukhi but at the same time, now has to keep up to the promise he made to his father and bring home Lord Ganesha during the holy period of Ganesh Chaturthi. While he is happy to be spending this beautiful festival with his family, Mahendra is now under the risk of being exposed as Urmila has found a bangle in his bag. As Mahendra struggles to keep his secret, it will be amusing for the audience to watch.”

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