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Dilli Darlings’ Sona Sharma storms out of its Preview Screening

Even as Zee TV’s new page 3 reality show - Dilli Darlings brings you some real life drama from the flamboyant lifestyles of Delhi’s richest socialites and party animals, it turns out that some of the drama on air spilled over and was experienced live by the media at the show’s preview screening on the eve of its on air premiere. All the ladies, brimming with excitement, decked up in their designer wear brought their spouses, family and friends along to watch the show’s first two episodes along with select members of the press.

After a swanky brunch thrown in the capital city to announce the show just a week earlier, they were all looking to enjoy the show together over beer and cocktails at the Ministry of Beer, Connaught place in Delhi. While all seemed well with the rest of the Dilli Darlings who were in high spirits, clicking selfies and posing with social media fans after watching themselves in the first 2 episodes, darling Sona Sharma walked out from the screening in a fit of rage.

Sona who is a grandmother, a cancer-survivor and a social butterfly was all decked up and waiting to see herself in the episodes. But, she got tremendously upset when she didn't find herself in first two episodes except the promo and it didn't go well with the lady. After all, amongst all the ladies, she is the eldest and had a motivating story to narrate to the audience. As soon as the screening got over, she raised the topic with the makers and expressing her disappointment, she stormed out of the party which created a huge ruckus. 

We will definitely get to see her story in the upcoming episodes very soon. In the promo, she comes across as this glamorous, exceptionally well maintained granny playing with her grandchildren, discussing her battle with cancer. Her sexy moves in the party and her angry dash to the car on the streets of Delhi, definitely pique our interest in this fiery head-turner.

Cannot wait for her story to unfold on Dilli Darlings!

Watch the drama of these Dilli Darlings at 11 p.m from Monday to Friday only on Zee TV


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