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Alnish launched in collaboration with Deepisaru Unique Products

New Delhi, July 27, 2019,   Alnish Laifsainses launched a unique product, in particular the presence of Mr. Anil Baijal (Honorable Deputy Governor, National Capital Territory Government) at Vigyan Bhawan today (Complipro / Ijipro) |

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Girish Arora (Founder and Managing Director, Alnish Laifsainses) is a new beginning with said launch the Indian pharma industry, will focus full attention to bringing those products which Indian people friendly. He was Deputy Chief Minister Honorable Lt. Governor of Delhi, thanks to their presence and blessing. He is also professor Ramesh Goyal (Vice Chancellor, Deepisaru) and Professor Harvinder Popli (Dean, Deepisaru) thanked for their incentives and support.

He said the academic community and industry are two very important pillars of the economy. With both the strong support of innovation in the education system to build up manpower for employment are possible, which bodes well for the country.

Under this initiative Alnish and Deepisaru signed an agreement to collaborate to develop innovative formulations (innovative formulation in the field of nephrology and critical care). Under this cooperation both partners are working together in three broad areas: formulation and development, design, construction and analysis of unique drugs to differentiate and standardization. To bring new products, concepts and techniques in the Indian market Alnish two awards (vivid and Vijayin) set will with which is also recognized Deepisaru Innovation and Incubation Foundation (Diaiaif) young researchers and new start-ups.

Complipro / Ijipro, has been developed under the collaboration is designed to be the first product to commercial launch.

Far from home and not went strong medical need for serious chronic diseases of the kidney (chronic kidney disease) to be wasted protein-energy is repeatedly coming problem. In each session of dialysis patients may lose amino acids up to 13 grams. Be wasted protein energy is the biggest risk indicator of chronic Rinl failure (death in patients with chronic kidney Nishkriyta) rate. Therefore, supplementation with protein such patients is the most important.

Complipro,   Intradaylitik amino acids designed to first use to offset high protein loss oral supplements (as well as supplements given as oral). With the right amount of protein, to mitigate losses and due to the use of the protein of high biological value of quality to maintain a positive balance in each dialysis session of the current options are products that differentiate themselves.

Ijipro,   The second type of product that seriously need went completely not sick patients have been designed keeping in mind. Save target Ijipro muscle from being wasted, disease strengthen repulsive act, the seriously ill patients have to soon.

The Complipro and mellow flavor of coffee flavor Ijipro and single dose (volume 150 ml ready for use for the benefit of patients) bins provided.

About Alnish Laifsainses

Alnish Laifsainses extends specialty healthcare company in the country located in Delhi which focuses full attention to serving worldwide Viseshtaonwali, high quality, effective, affordable medicines and healthcare reform bringing products to add color and patients and the medical field. Its strong portfolio of nephrology, critical care, Gastroenterology meets dermatology and Cosmesuticls and advanced lesion care full not of went needs of patients in the field.

Dealing with different therapies, home to further strengthen the new specialty division for innovative research products and an integral part of the in-licensing, the company collected strategy important unique products in terms of future growth. Portfolio bring a unique global brand different companies with the same principle to enrich Alnish has partnered with global drug companies, including Jay W. Laifsainses (Korea), Adejion Biomedical Inc.. (USA), FzioMed (USA), Adwansis Medical (UK), PT Dermojhon Prtama (Indonesia), Bayovait (Australia), and Mastiks (USA) ..

About Deepisaru

As the Delhi State University Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University, the first pharmacy University of India. Is to achieve the best in the area of Vision Education University, Medicine training in science and allied fields, and research and to work towards meeting the health needs of the general public. University aims to provide infrastructural and research facilities to give students the advanced knowledge of various branches of medicine science and the processes of learning to teach innovative with an interdisciplinary approach for which to acquire knowledge of all students and new develop intelligence to build ideas.

About Deepisaru

Deepisaru transformed into Deepisaru Innovation and Incubation Foundation (Diaiaif) is established, its section 8, aimed at bringing forward innovative seekers among health profession Start up the commercialization of their research. The quality Diaiaif students for research, faculty, staff and alumni provides a platform and support for their innovations into commercialization.


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