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Vox presents alap "signature tunes" It organizes musical Mafil

Composer 9 0's and Snmanit arranger will satisfy Sing

August 14 201 9 in St Andrews College in Bandra

Mumbai, Aug 201 9 -

Tone in Mumbai dialogue this year organized a new "signature tunes" concert is on August 14, 201 9 in St. Andrews College in Bandra | To its beginning from Indian Idol and very soon Pratibavnsali singer giant Kothari Prform been in the program | "Signature tunes" the main characteristic is that it has on 9 composer and arranger of 0's Best Sing will be here Snmanit | Dil To Pagal Hai, love is crazy, gardener, Gdar-a love story and a number of films, music in Best Singh Ji contributed by |

"Vocal intonations has preferred always the HP Music | It helped make the celebrated concepts which have emerged as a bridge to the music of composers. Go not yet voiced dialogue since 2002 have won and Snmanit how many Sngeetkaro such | Needy artists to help are also organizing Consrts "founder of a vocal intonations Dinesh deficit Jain said |

The program informs about the other singer giant Kothari said, "Suro is how familiar Geeto this concept that behind the" signature Tuns ". Since I Mohammed Rafi Sahab very soon a big fan and I hear their songs soon as I big happened. So the beginning of the program, I will with songs of Rafi Sahab | For this to Prform front so big giant Best Sing I myself in i think fortunate enough | "

What - "Signature Tyuns"   Musical Mafil

When - August 14 201 9

Said - St. Andrews College in Bandra West.

Time - 7.00 pm


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