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Vidhi Pandya to debut in the fantasy-horror genre with Laal Ishq on &TV

Vidhi Pandya has had an interesting journey on Indian television portraying a variety of roles ranging from an innocent and docile character to an insidious and cunning girl. Being an actor who likes to experiment with different roles, Vidhi is now all set to mark her debut in the fantasy-horror genre with Laal Ishq on &TV.

Vidhi will portray the role of a fearless girl who fights a supernatural spirit to protect her husband. But little did she know that the role would demand shooting with frogs. Obviously, she was initially taken aback but then soon shot the scene with much ease. Talking about it, Vidhi said, “The sight of seeing or hearing creepy crawlies like frogs scuttling makes me feel disgusted and uncomfortable. I have had a phobia of frogs since childhood because of their hoppy and unpredictable motion. But soon I came to terms with it and managed to complete the shoot.”

Sharing her experience of venturing into the supernatural genre, Vidhi said, “Essaying a supernatural character is much more challenging than it sounds. It is unlike any other daily soap and the efforts to bring out the expressions are twice the times required for her any other role. Nevertheless, it was a spooky (laughs) yet quite an interesting start and I look forth to exploring many such roles in the genre again.”

In the upcoming episode of &TV’s Laal Ishq, viewers will see the struggle that Rani (Vidhi Pandya) goes through for a mistake that had taken place due to her husband and in-laws long time back. Due to this, her husband starts behaving oddly and transforms into a frog time and again. This is her fight against a frog spirit who has taken over her husband’s body to take revenge from the family.

Tune in to watch another thrilling episode of Laal Ishq at 10:00 pm on Sunday only on &TV!


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