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Timely intervention can help you in preventing air-water borne diseases

New Delhi: As monsoon had begun in India, the cases of Vector and water borne diseases are likely to see a surge. Accumulated rain water and the moisture present in the air is highly suitable ambience for mosquito breeding which may lead to various life-threatening ailments such as malaria, dengue, chikungunya.


Due the weakened immune system, fever is common occurrence in this season. Timely health screenings and medications as prescribed by the doctors can help in the better diagnosis of it.

“ Along with the immense joy and happiness in this rainy season, there is sudden increase in the rise of vector and water borne diseases attributing to the factors like intake of unhygienic food and water, breeding of mosquitoes in accumulated rain water. So far this year over 75 cases of water borne diseases have been reported. The number of cases is increasing with the each passing day. So it is advisable that sudden fever occurrence should not be ignored before it gets fatal in the near future. So along with the preventive measures such as wearing full sleeve clothes, use mosquito nets, and making sure that mosquitoes are not breeding in the environment, timely health screenings are also necessary” Said Dr. Ruchi Gupta, Founder & CEO


Mosquitoes breeding have been reported in over 30,000 households and around 38,000 legal notices have been issued this year.    

“The root cause of these ailments, are mosquitoes breeding in water. Monsoon bringing much relief from the heat of summers, people should keep in mind that their surroundings are clean and water coolers are dried up when not in use as the mosquitoes carrying the viruses breed there.” Added Dr Gupta

In order to enjoy this monsoon season, it is advisable to go for a Full Body Preventive Health Checkup or regular blood tests in order to be certain of your health status and for the early diagnosis of diseases at its initial stage.    


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