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22nd July, Gurgaon:Nature has been wronged by us humans for thousands of years and it now demands a consistent effort to be put together before we can aspire to bring it any closer to its original form. Since it can’t be achieved overnight, it would require us adults to pass on the baton of change to our next generation to inculcate in them sensitivity around the conservation of nature and its habitants.
Working on this ideology and developing a consciousness in children towards protecting and nurturing the environment, the students and staff of The Shriram Millennium School, Gurugram organized the Shri ParyavaranUtsav 2019, an interschool event based on the theme ‘Save The Forest, Save The Tiger’.

To learn more from the masters themselves, students interacted with eminent personalities - Mr. BittuSahgal,an environmental activist and writer, Mr Vance G. Martin, an expert in international nature conservation and wilderness protection, Mr. Bikram Grewal,an ornithologist, author and conservationist and Dr. Parvish Pandya, Vice Principal and an Associate Professor in Zoology at the BharatiyaVidyaBhavan’s College who honoured the event with their presence. They enriched the gathering with their myriad experiences and suggestions to protect and conserve forests to save tigers. "The tiger will only be saved if its forests are saved” is what they believe in and work for. Students from a large number of prestigious schools from Delhi and NCR participated in the event.
It was an initiative to spread awareness about tiger conservation among the younger generation, an attempt to educate them extensively about saving animals, animal cruelty and the environmental changes. The need of the hour was portrayed through an emphatic NukkadNatak, Aghaaz- the beginning, showcasing how the students analyzed the problem our tiger population is facing and took appropriate action to protect it from further damage.    
The event was a week long initiative which included a face painting competition, wherein students from various schools presented artwork on the theme of saving the tiger and their work was applauded by all.The school strongly believes in integrating environment preservation with core subjects, hence the students also took part in an environmental initiative by planting saplings in the premises of their school.
The entire school campus exhibited beautiful expressions of the student’s artwork that showcased their passion and determination to resuscitate their natural environment. 
Mrs. Uttara Singh, Director The Shriram Millennium Schools said that – “The earth is the only planet we have, there is no planet B! As a school we want our children, to be aware, sensitive and conscientious citizens who work towards bringing about a positive change. The Shri ParyavaranUtsav is a humble attempt to do our bit towards creating an awareness about environment protection.”
A petition was signed by all stakeholders - students, staff, parents and all guests to confirm their pledge to do their bit towards the cause. 
At The Shriram Millennium School, Gurugram our commitment to create a healthy environment continues.


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