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Sex Education with ‘Khandaani Shafakhana’ at JD Institute of Fashion Technology

~ Brainstorming session BAAT TOH KARO on Sex Education in association with JD Institute of Fashion Technology

2nd August 2019: JD Institute of Fashion Technology, one of the country’s leading design institutions, organized an interactive session on sex education with the cast of the movie ‘Khandaani Shafakhana’. The students interacted with actors Sonakshi Sinha, Badshah and Varun Sharma who visited the campus for the session. The film revolves around the topic of sex and the taboos associated with it.

Students from various campuses of JD Institute in Delhi NCR attended the day-long event and discussed issues such as abortion, teenage sex and parental concerns with the actors. The session also included discussions on transmission of various sexually transmitted diseases, knowledge of contraceptives etc.

Even the celebrities agreed that sex education is a complex issue but needs to be addressed rather than brushed aside. Varun Sharma felt that misconceptions need to be cleared up only with proper sex education. Sonakshi Sinha admitted that she never had a straight talk about sex with her parents. On the other hand, according to Badshah, he is eagerly waiting to have open discussion on sex with his daughter.


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