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Ram Gopal Verma is like god to us, says "The Wild Cards" Director.

KK Binojee a talented Indian actor and writer, who  has previously worked with Director Ram Gopal Varma will be seen making his directorial debut with a crime-based thriller ‘The Wild Cards’. Apparently, Binojee has written the screenplay, dialogues and lyrics for a number of films in Telugu, which includes Ram Gopal Varma and Krishna Vamsi, and for over 200 episodes for Television. KK Binojee’s ‘The Wild Cards’ movie showcases the harsh reality of the people living in the slums. 
     The movie portraits the cruel truth of crime happening in the slums. It depicts how the abandoned kids are driven forcefully into the world of crime making them ruthless criminals when they grow up. The movie takes us through the trip of few such criminals who are molded in such a way by the society they grew up in. Basically, a journey from selflessness to selfishness.
      “My years of experience working with  Ramu jee has delivered me this  opportunity of making my directorial debut. Today whatever I have learnt and achieved is an outcome of the experience working with him. There's no person in Hyderabad who is not influenced by him, he's like a God to us.  'The Wild Cards' is a wonderful edge of the seat thriller with strong emotions and drama. The content is very strong and beautiful with complete rawness, as it is shot completely in slums and I’m very positive that the audience will appreciate my effort." Quoted director KK Binojee.
         This movie cast actors of the NSD and Theatre like Sushil Pandey, Akkash Basnet, Vikram Singh Sodha, Ashish Warang, Nakul Tomar, Meenakshi Pandey, Maya Gehlot and other extremely talented theatre artists.
    ‘The Wild Cards’ is written and directed by KK Binojee and is produced by Munaf Baluch and Sanjog Singh of Sara Film Factory. 


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