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Persistent Early Morning Headache one of the early symptoms of Brain Tumour: Study

 As there is a surge in brain-related ailments in India, we need to pay attention to all the neurologic disorders, be it headaches or migraines that we ignore amid the humdrums of daily life. A recent case study at the Indian Spinal Injuries Centre (ISIC) has found that early morning persistent headache is one of the major symptoms of brain tumours.
The case study all began when a 56-year-old patient had to immediately rushed to the emergency department as he was suffering from an episode of seizure. When the CT scan was performed, the hospital got to know that he had a large tumour at the base of the brain just behind the forehead and above the eyes. Since it was a slow-growing tumour, hence the patient presented only when it had grown very big and that resulted in seizure.
“Since the base of our brain is surrounded by important blood vessels of the brain, the tumour formed at a complex place. Further investigations, MRI Brain and MRI Angiography were carried out to know more about the tumour, which was 6 cm x7 cm. Sometimes, such tumours cause changes in behaviour of the patient which is usually attributed to work or family stress. Persistent headache in the early morning is one of the initial symptoms of brain tumour. One should see a doctor immediately if somebody is undergoing such symptom.” said Dr.Arun Sharma, Consultant Neurosurgeon, Indian Spinal Injuries Centre
Before the doctor decided to operate the tumour, he made sure that the family members should understand the procedure of the surgery and how brain tumour causes various disorders.  
“Fits/ seizure, persistent headache and vomiting, weakness of limbs, imbalance in walking, slurring of speech, difficulty in swallowing of food, difficulty in hearing and decreased vision are the side-effects of the brain tumour,” he added.
The surgery lasted for quite some time and the patient started walking within a couple of days. He was discharged after 4 days of the surgery post recuperating completely.
The doctor also busted some of the myths regarding the brain tumour.
“All brain tumours are not cancerous .Surgical results depend on size & location of tumour. Some tumours may require chemotherapy/ radiotherapy after surgery. Many tumours can be safely & completely removed. Better quality of life is surely possible for patients with brain tumours,” he said.


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