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Nickelodeon celebrates unique friendships with the message - #BestTogether

~ Nickelodeon celebrates unique friendships at pet-friendly cafés and creates a unique sundae with Havmor ~


National, 2nd August, 2019: For a child, making friends is one of the most vital parts of growing up and a crucial part of developing their emotional and social understanding. They tend to reach out to people, things and beings we never thought are capable of good companionship. This Friendships Day, Nickelodeon is celebrating all unique friendships with their campaign ‘Best Together’. As a part of the campaign, India’s kids’ leading entertainment franchise has various activities for its young viewers.

The channel associated with pet-friendly cafés – Puppychino (New Delhi) and Cat Café Studio (Mumbai) to symbolize all endearing and special friendships that a kid has. Nickelodeon SONIC’s favourite Nicktoons Gopal-Madhav posed with adorable little doggies gorging on gourmet food with cute little bibs hanging around their neck. The toons thereafter engaged with the kids through a host of light-hearted fun games and interactive activities.


To further proliferate the campaign, Nickelodeon also associated with Havmor Ice Cream Pvt. under which 140+ outlets will serve a unique ice cream sundae - #BestTogether at a BOGO deal for best friends who come in together during the period. The week-long association will have a unique ice cream sundae specially made to symbolize quirky and unique friendships in New Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Telangana, Chennai, and Nagpur.


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