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Nandita Golder Mrs. Universal pageant will represent India in 2019

Beauty contest held around the world are now being made to create an opportunity for married women such a beauty contest "Mrs. Universal Pageant 2019" which will get a chance to showcase their talent to married women. Nandita Golder had a chance of getting
 a lucky woman to join the Indian side in this match. Nandita's fitness icons besides being a manager in a bank. He says, "I myself extremely fortunate to believe that millions of Indian women in Mrs. Universal Pageant 2019, Mexico has chosen me to represent India and I promise to do my best."
Nandita added, "where Miss is for girls hailing Universal, while
 Mrs. Universal title keeps versatility is for women and holds his family and the art of balancing your life with the responsibilities of society. " "Marriage is not the end of your dreams. To raise living their dreams and so forth, should work hard to achieve their goals.
 You have the power of your whole family and love, defeat will not obey. "Nandita for women in the world have an optimistic message.
In fact, usually marriage is understood that the women do not get the chance to fulfill their career dreams and not even thought about the beauty contest, but today Mrs. Universal are contests such pageant such as married women of taking. Nandita such women are also a lot of work to become due to women driving the bank and also to represent their country in this kind of beauty contest.



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