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MensXP celebrates its first anniversary of its Digital Cover with Internet Royalty Saif Ali Khan

New Delhi, August 8, 2019: India’s largest digital platform for men’s lifestyle, MensXP added a regal touch to its one year Anniversary edition with Internet royalty, Saif Ali Khan.

It also happens to be a significant month for the Nawab of Pataudi, with the second season of Sacred Games set to release on Netflix, on August 15. With a dramatically diverse filmography, Saif is one of the first A-league Bollywood stars to reinvent himself with the emerging video OTT medium. MensXP’s tongue-in-cheek cover video catches Saif unaware between takes as he is posed curious questions about the internet. Despite not being ‘active’ on social media, he fares rather well (or not?). 

“It’s always good to be known for something current,” he mentions in a rather lengthy interview with MensXP. “A lot of these choices I’ve made recently, I’ve worked with so many actors on this platform, and I think my acting style has improved and has become more current because of the interaction with these people. So, I’m really happy that happened because otherwise you can get a little old school, a little stuck in a style that’s in the past and thank god that’s not happened.”

Speaking on the creative concept behind the MensXP Anniversary edition, Angad Bhatia, COO - Indiatimes Lifestyle Network & Founder - MensXP said, “August 2019 marks a truly remarkable time in MensXP’s journey as we complete a maiden year of Digital Covers. Over the past year, we have reached close to 67 ‘woke’ millions, generating about 17 Million views and 1.2 Million engagement with our Digital Covers. Our drive to junk old-school ideas for high-quality content crafted for the internet-first generation has been a runaway hit, and there’s no better face to embody this evolution better than Saif Ali Khan.”

“When we launched MensXP’s first digital cover, the vision was to blend the magic of print with the democratising power of digital media. Looking back at the past year, where we celebrated male beauty, stood behind global dialogues like mental health and the #MeToo movement, I’d like to believe that we’re on the right path in our efforts to supplement the daily lives of the new-age man. With Saif Ali Khan — a Bollywood A-lister who has gallantly reinvented himself with the OTT brigade — on our anniversary special digital cover, I believe, we have come full circle.”MensXP Editor-in-Chief Namrata Nongpiur observed. 

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