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'Lifesaving' makers arranged a special screening for them as artists and gifts for doctors!

After a "lifesaving" 17 years in the television industry's most famous series is staying back. The show's makers cast of the show as a gift and put a special screening for his doctors. Its main purpose was the importance of doctors in our society and tell their importance. As well as to explain the importance of their role in people's lives, because this story is based on the same. 

All this shows the artist to come along with their family doctors who helped them to step in for their health and medical emergency. The story of "lifesaving" also says basically the same thing. Full swing, it is three weeks before the launch of the screening show, because 'lifesaving' is one of the most popular shows today. 

'Lifesaving' is coming back to television after 17 years. It was a show that has had a profound impact on people's lives and knowing audience thrilled to return to the show. The show Doctor's personal life revolved around his work. How their remains a positivity around and how he is to help his patients and keeping them up his life story is moving around! 

The show will be big names like Mohnish Behl and Gurdeep Kohli, who has been part of the 'lifesaving' first. Are included in the main roles with their fragrance Chandana and Namit Khanna. Producer of the show Siddharth Malhotra and this show is going to be aired on Starpulse in the coming months.


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